Provided by: configure-debian_1.0.2ubuntu3_all bug


       configure-debian - central configuration program for packages using debconf


        configure-debian [options]


       This program is meant to be a simple frontend to the dpkg-reconfigure program. Many new
       users who do not know about this program are unaware of how to return to the debconf
       configuration seen during package install. Others who do know about it often forget or do
       not know the package name of the program they want to reconfigure. This program is meant
       to address both of those issues.

       Note that this is not meant to be a complete configuration system!  Debconf is a purposely
       simple system, and is not meant to solve all configuration needs. Still, it is very
       flexible and can accomplish a lot with relative ease. The advantage to using it rather
       than a tool such as linuxconf is that the distributed nature of Debian allows package
       maintainers to write their own configuration scripts specially tailored to both the
       program that they know very well and Debian itself.


       -l --list List all packages initially, don't show them by section

       configure-debian accepts all the command line options for dpkg-reconfigure(1), and passes
       them along to it when it calls the program. See its manpapge for details on these options.




       David Nusinow <>

                                            2005-08-09                        CONFIGURE-DEBIAN(8)