Provided by: cyrus-common-2.4_2.4.12-2_amd64 bug


       ipurge - delete mail from IMAP mailbox or partition based on age or size


       ipurge [ -f ] [ -C config-file ] [ -x ] [ -X ] [ -i ] [ -s ] [ -o ]
              [ -d days | -b bytes | -k Kbytes | -m Mbytes ]
              [ mailbox-pattern...  ]


       Ipurge  deletes  messages from the mailbox(es) specified by mailbox-pattern that are older
       or larger than specified by the -d, -b, -k or -m options.  If no mailbox-pattern is given,
       ipurge  works  on all mailboxes.  If the -x option is given, the message age and size MUST
       match exactly those specified by -d, -b, -k or -m.  The are  no  default  values,  and  at
       least one of -d, -b, -k or -m MUST be specified.

       Ipurge  by  default  only  deletes  mail  below  shared folders, which means that mails in
       mailbox(es) below INBOX.* and user.* stay untouched. Use the option -f to also delete mail
       in mailbox(es) below these folders.

       Ipurge  reads  its  configuration  options  out of the imapd.conf(5) file unless specified
       otherwise by -C.


       -f     Force deletion of mail in all mailboxes.

       -C config-file
              Read configuration options from config-file.

       -d days
              Age of message in days.

       -b bytes
              Size of message in bytes.

       -k Kbytes
              Size of message in Kbytes (2^10 bytes).

       -m Mbytes
              Size of message in Mbytes (2^20 bytes).

       -x     Perform an exact match on age or size (instead of older or larger).

       -X     Use delivery time instead of Date: header for date matches

       -i     Invert match logic: -x means not equal, date is for newer, size is for smaller

       -s     Skip over messages that have the \Flagged flag set.

       -o     Only purge messages that have the \Deleted flag set.