Provided by: edac-utils_0.16-1_amd64 bug


       edac-ctl - EDAC admin utility


       edac-ctl [OPTION]...


       The  edac-ctl  program is a perl(1) script which performs some useful administration tasks
       for EDAC (Error Detection and Correction) drivers.


       --help Display a brief usage message.

              Print mainboard vendor and model for this  hardware,  if  available.   This  option
              requires that the dmidecode(8) utility be installed, and must be run as root.

              Print the status of EDAC drivers (loaded or unloaded).

              Register  motherboard  DIMM  labels into EDAC driver sysfs files.  This option uses
              the detected mainboard manufacturer and model number in combination with a  "labels
              database"  found in any of the files under /etc/edac/labels.d/* or in the labels.db
              file at /etc/edac/labels.db. An entry for the current hardware must  exist  in  the
              labels database for this option to do anything.

              Display  the  configured  labels  for  the current hardware, as well as the current
              labels registered with EDAC.

              Specify an alternate location for the labels database.


       edac(3), edac-util(1)