Provided by: fiaif_1.22.1-1_all bug


       fiaif-scan - print syslog entries in human readable form


       fiaif-scan [ -n ] [ -m ]


       fiaif-scan  reads  lines  from  STDIN  and  prints  to STDOUT, in human readable form, any
       packets found (standard syslog format is assumed).  Each log message is  parsed  based  on
       the  configuration  files at the time fiaf-scan is run.  The idea is to enable the user to
       quickly identify which zone rule is causing the packet to be logged,  and  how  to  change
       this, if necessary.


       -n     Don´t  do a reverse lookup of IP addresses or ports; display them as numbers.  This
              reduces the number of host lookups and speeds up scanning.

       -m     print the MAC address on each line.


       fiaf-scan -n </var/log/messages
              Scan from the current system log and display any packets  on  the  console.   Don´t
              look up names for IP addressses or ports; just show the numbers.




       Anders Fugmann <anders(at)>


       The  program  has  been tested only with messages from the standard syslog. It may work on
       lines from ulogd, but this has not been tested.

       Bash may not be the fastest parser in the world. Expect this  software  to  be  slow.  (40
       lines per sec on a K6-II/300Mhz without name lookups).

       Please report other bugs to <>.


       fiaif.conf(5), zone.conf(5), iptables(8), syslog(3)