Provided by: suck_4.3.2-10_amd64 bug


       get-news - Debian Suck front end


       get-news  [  sitename  ]  [ -h ] [ -outgoingfile filename ] [ -userid userid ] [ -password
       password ] [ -noauth ] [ -port port ] [ -server sitename ] [ -q ] [ -getonly ] [ -postonly
       ] [ -timestamp ] [ -verbose ]


       The  name  of the site get-news should connect. If this parameter is specified, it will be
       used for multiple purposes, setting:

        - the DNS name of the NNTP host which  get-news  will  connect  to  download  and  upload

        -  the  suffix for some configuration files get-news will use (sucknewsrc, active-ignore,

        - the news feed name (name of the file in /var/spool/news/outgoing which contain list  of
       the articles to be send)

       For  example, running the command get-news causes the script to contact, send messages  listed  in  /var/spool/news/outgoing/
       (according   to   the   feed   of  this  name  defined  in  /etc/news/newsfeeds)  and  use
       /etc/suck/        as        list        of        newsgroups,
       /etc/suck/  as killfile and (in case -A or -AL is specified
       in get-news.conf) suit newsgroup list to /etc/suck/

       When the sitename parameter is missing (like when get-news  is  run  without  parameters),
       get-news   uses   parameters   from  get-news.conf  (remoteserver  to  specify  the  host,
       outgoingfile to specify the feed) and no-suffix configuration files  (sucknewsrc,  active-
       ignore, suckkillfile).

       -outgoingfile filename

       This  option  tells get-news to use an alternate remote server outgoing articles filename,
       instead of the default, the remote server name.

       -userid userid

       -password password

       These two options let you specify a userid and password,  if  your  NNTP  server  requires


       This  option tells get-news to not send userid and password, even if they are specified in

       -port port

       This option let you specify a port number, if your NNTP server has a non standard one.

       -server sitename

       This option tells get-news to use sitename as your  local  NNTP  server,  instead  of  the
       default, localhost.


       Be  quiet.   Do  not display the BPS and article count messages during download.  Multiple
       -q's makes get-news shut up


       Only get new news, don't post anything outgoing.


       Only post outgoing news, don't get anything.

       -timestamp Add timestamps to the get-news.log and verbose output.

       -verbose Give more messages about what  get-news  is  doing.   Specified  multiple  times,
       debugging output is enabled.


       Suck  looks for a file get-news.conf in /etc/suck to initialize some defaults and set some
       options that are not available on the command line.


       suck(1), testhost(1), rpost(1), lpost(1).