Provided by: globus-gsi-cert-utils-progs_8.1-1_amd64 bug


       grid-default-ca - Select default CA for certificate requests


       grid-default-ca [-help] [-h] [-usage] [-u] [-version] [-versions]

       grid-default-ca -list [-dir CA-DIRECTORY]

       grid-default-ca [-ca CA-HASH] [-dir CA-DIRECTORY]


       The grid-default-ca program sets the default certificate authority to use when the
       grid-cert-request script is run. The CA´s certificate, configuration, and signing policy
       must be installed in the trusted certificate directory to be able to request certificates
       from that CA. Note that some CAs have different policies and use other tools to handle
       certificate requests. Please consult your CA´s support staff if you unsure. The
       grid-default-ca is designed to work with CAs implemented using the globus_simple_ca

       By default, the grid-default-ca program displays a list of installed CA certificates and
       the prompts the user for which one to set as the default. If invoked with the -list
       command-line option, grid-default-ca will print the list and not prompt nor set the
       default CA. If invoked with the -ca option, it will not list or prompt, but set the
       default CA to the one with the hash that matches the CA-HASH argument to that option. If
       grid-default-ca is used to set the default CA, the caller of this program must have write
       permissions to the trusted certificate directory.

       The grid-default-ca program sets the CA in the one of the grid security directories. It
       looks in the directory named by the GRID_SECURITY_DIR environment, the X509_CERT_DIR,
       /etc/grid-security, and $GLOBUS_LOCATION/share/certificates.

       The full set of command-line options to grid-default-ca are:

       -help, -h, -usage, -u
           Display the command-line options to grid-default-ca and exit.

       -version, -versions
           Display the version number of the grid-default-ca command. The second form includes
           more details.

       -dir CA-DIRECTORY
           Use the trusted certificate directory named by CA-DIRECTORY instead of the default.

           Instead of changing the default CA, print out a list of all available CA certificates
           in the trusted certificate directory

       -ca CA-HASH
           Set the default CA without displaying the list of choices or prompting. The CA file
           named by CA-HASH must exist.


       List the contents of the trusted certificate directory that contain the string Example:

           % grid-default-ca | grep Example
           15) cd1186ff -  /DC=org/DC=Example/DC=Grid/CN=Example CA

       Choose that CA as the default:

           % grid-default-ca -ca cd1186ff

           setting the default CA to: /DC=org/DC=Example/DC=Grid/CN=Example CA

           linking /etc/grid-security/certificates/grid-security.conf.cd1186ff to

           linking /etc/grid-security/certificates/grid-host-ssl.conf.cd1186ff  to

           linking /etc/grid-security/certificates/grid-user-ssl.conf.cd1186ff  to



       The following environment variables affect the execution of grid-default-ca:

           Path to the default trusted certificate directory.

           Path to the default trusted certificate directory.

           Path to the Globus Toolkit installation directory.


       The grid-default-ca program displays CAs from all of the directories in its search list;
       however, grid-cert-request only uses the first which contains a grid security

       The grid-default-ca program may display the same CA multiple times if it is located in
       multiple directories in its search path. However, it does not provide any information
       about which one would actually be used by the grid-cert-request command.




       University of Chicago