Provided by: globus-gss-assist-progs_8.1-1_amd64 bug


       grid-mapfile-delete-entry - Remove entries from a gridmap file


       grid-mapfile-delete-entry [-help] [-usage] [-version] [-versions]

       grid-mapfile-delete-entry {-dn DISTINGUISHED-NAME} {-ln LOCAL-NAME...}
                                 [[-d] | [-dryrun]]
                                 [[-mapfile MAPFILE] | [-f MAPFILE]]


       The grid-mapfile-delete-entry program deletes mappings from a gridmap file. If both the
       -dn and -ln> options are specified, grid-mapfile-delete-entry removes entries which meet
       both criteria (remove entries mapping DISTINGUISHED-NAME to LOCAL-NAME for each LOCAL-NAME
       specified). If only -dn or -ln is specified all entries for that DISTINGUISHED-NAME or
       LOCAL-NAME are removed.

       By default, grid-mapfile-delete-entry will modify the gridmap file named by the GRIDMAP
       environment variable if present, or the file /etc/grid-security/grid-mapfile if not. This
       can be changed by the use of the -mapfile or -f command-line options.

       Prior to modifying a gridmap file, grid-mapfile-delete-entry saves its current contents to
       a file with the string .old appended to the original file name.

       The full set of command-line options to grid-mapfile-delete-entry are:

       -help, -usage
           Display the command-line options to grid-mapfile-delete-entry.

       -version, -versions
           Display the version number of the grid-mapfile-delete-entry command. The second form
           includes more details.

           The X.509 distinguished name to remove from the gridmap file. If the -ln option is not
           specified, remove all entries for this name; otherwise, remove entries that match both
           this name and the local name. The name should be in OpenSSL´s oneline format.

       -ln LOCAL-NAME...
           The POSIX user name to remove from the gridmap file. Include multiple LOCAL-NAME
           strings after the -ln command-line option to remove multiple names from the gridmap.
           If the -dn option is not specifeid, remove all entries for these names; otherwise,
           remove entries that match the DISTINGUISHED-NAME and any of the LOCAL-NAME values.

       -d, -dryrun
           Display diagnostics about what would be removed from the gridmap file, but don´t
           actually modify the file.

       -mapfile MAPFILE, -f MAPFILE
           Modify the gridmap file named by MAPFILE instead of the default.


       Remove all mappings for a distinguished name:

           % grid-mapfile-delete-entry "/DC=org/DC=example/DC=grid/CN=Joe User"
           Modifying /etc/grid-security/grid-mapfile ...
           Deleting entry: "/DC=org/DC=example/DC=grid/CN=Joe User" juser,juser2
           (1) entry deleted

       Remove the mapping between a distinguished name and a single local username:

           % grid-mapfile-delete-entry "/DC=org/DC=example/DC=grid/CN=Joe User" -ln juser2
           Modifying /etc/grid-security/grid-mapfile ...
           Current entry: "/DC=org/DC=example/DC=grid/CN=Joe User" juser
           (1) mapping removed: (juser2), (0) not present and ignored
           (0) entries deleted


       The following environment variables affect the execution of grid-mapfile-delete-entry:

           Path to the default gridmap to modify.


       The following files affect the execution of grid-mapfile-delete-entry:

           Path to the default gridmap to modify if GRIDMAP environment variable is not set.


       grid-mapfile-add-entry(8), grid-mapfile-check-consistency(8)


       University of Chicago