Provided by: cman_3.1.7-0ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       groupd - compatibility daemon for fenced, dlm_controld and gfs_controld


       groupd [OPTIONS]


       The  groupd  daemon  and  libgroup  library  are  used  by  the  fenced,  dlm_controld and
       gfs_controld daemons when they are operating in  cluster2-compatible  mode  to  perform  a
       rolling cluster upgrade from cluster2 to cluster3.

       See cman(5) for more information on the upgrading configuration option needed to perform a
       rolling upgrade.

       When the upgrading option is enabled, cman adds the following to the online configuration:

            <group groupd_compat="1"/>

       This setting causes the cman init script to  start  the  groupd  daemon,  and  causes  the
       groupd,  fenced, dlm_controld and gfs_controld daemons to operate in the old cluster2 mode
       so they will be compatible with cluster2 nodes in the  cluster  that  have  not  yet  been

       The upgrading setting, including the groupd_compat setting, cannot be changed in a running
       cluster.  The entire cluster must be  taken  offline  to  change  these  because  the  new
       cluster3   default   modes   are   not  compatible  with  the  old  cluster2  modes.   The
       upgrading/compat settings cause the new cluster3 daemons to run the old cluster2 code  and


       Command line options override a corresponding setting in cluster.conf.

       -D     Enable debugging to stderr and don't fork.

       -L     Enable debugging to log file.

       -g num groupd compatibility mode, 0 off, 1 on. Default 0.

       -h     Print a help message describing available options, then exit.

       -V     Print program version information, then exit.


       cman(5), fenced(8), dlm_controld(8), gfs_controld(8)