Provided by: guacd_0.4.0-1_amd64 bug


       guacd - Guacamole proxy daemon


       guacd [-l PORT] [-p FILE]


       guacd  is  the Guacamole proxy daemon used by the Guacamole web application and framework.
       As JavaScript cannot handle binary protocols (like VNC and remote desktop) efficiently,  a
       new  text-based  protocol  was  developed  which  would  contain  a common superset of the
       operations needed for efficient remote desktop access, but would be  easy  for  JavaScript
       programs  to process.  guacd is the proxy which translates between arbitrary protocols and
       the Guacamole protocol.


       -l PORT
              Changes the port that guacd listens on (the default is port 4822).

       -p FILE
              Causes guacd to write the PID of the daemon process to the specified file. This  is
              useful for init scripts and is used by the provided init script.


       Written by Michael Jumper <>