Provided by: xymon_4.3.0~beta2.dfsg-9.1_amd64 bug


       hobbitd_channel - Feed a hobbitd channel to a worker module


       hobbitd_channel --channel=CHANNEL [options] workerprogram [worker-options]


       hobbitd_channel  hooks  into one of the hobbitd(8) channels that provide information about
       events occurring in the Xymon system.  It retrieves messages from the hobbitd daemon,  and
       passes  them  on  to  the  workerprogram  on  the  STDIN (file descripter 1) of the worker
       program.  Worker programs can then handle messages as they like.

       A  number  of  worker  programs  are  shipped  with  hobbitd,  e.g.   hobbitd_filestore(8)
       hobbitd_history(8) hobbitd_alert(8) hobbitd_rrd(8)

       If you want to write your own worker module, a sample worker module is provided as part of
       the hobbitd distribution in the hobbitd_sample.c file.  This  illustrates  how  to  easily
       fetch and parse messages.


       hobbitd_channel accepts a few options.

              Specifies the channel to receive messages from, only one channel can be used.  This
              option is required. The following channels are available:
              "status" receives all Xymon status- and summary-messages
              "stachg" receives information about status changes
              "page" receives information about statuses triggering alerts
              "data" receives all Xymon "data" messages
              "notes" receives all Xymon "notes" messages
              "enadis" receives information about hosts being disabled or enabled.

              hobbitd_channel is normally started by hobbitlaunch(8) as a  task  defined  in  the
              hobbitlaunch.cfg(5)  file.  If  you  are  not  using  hobbitlaunch,  then  starting
              hobbitd_channel with this option causes it to run as a stand-alone background task.

              If running as a stand-alone daemon, hobbitd_channel will save the proces-ID of  the
              daemon in FILENAME. This is useful for automated startup- and shutdown- scripts.

              Loads   the   environment   variables   defined   in   FILENAME   before   starting
              hobbitd_channel.  This is normally used only when running as a stand-alone  daemon;
              if  hobbitd_channel  is started by hobbitlaunch, then the environment is controlled
              by the task definition in the hobbitlaunch.cfg(5) file.

              Redirect output to this log-file.

              Enable debugging output.


       This program does not use any configuration files.


       hobbitd(8), xymon(7)