Provided by: xymon_4.3.0~beta2.dfsg-9.1_amd64 bug


       hobbitd_hostdata - hobbitd worker module for storing historical client data


       hobbitd_channel --channel=clichg hobbitd_hostdata


       hobbitd_hostdata  is  a  worker module for hobbitd, and as such it is normally run via the
       hobbitd_channel(8) program. Whenever a status column in Xymon changes to  an  alert  state
       (usually  red,  yellow  or purple), this module receives a copy of the latest Xymon client
       data sent by the host, and stores it on disk. This allows you to review all  of  the  data
       collected by the Xymon client on the server around the time that a problem occurred.  This
       can make troubleshooting incidents easier by providing  a  snapshot  of  the  host  status
       shortly before a problem became apparent.

       Note:  This  module  requires  that  hobbitd(8)  is launched with the "--store-clientlogs"
       option enabled.


       All of the host data are stored in the $CLIENTLOGS  directory,  by  default  this  is  the
       $BBVAR/hostdata/ directory.


       hobbitd(8), hobbitd_channel(8), xymon(7)