Provided by: xymon-client_4.3.0~beta2.dfsg-9.1_amd64 bug


       hobbitlaunch - Master program to launch other Xymon programs


       hobbitlaunch [options]


       hobbitlaunch(8)  is  the main program that controls the execution and scheduling of all of
       the components in the Xymon system.

       hobbitlaunch allows  the  administrator  to  add,  remove  or  change  the  set  of  Xymon
       applications  and  extensions  without  restarting Xymon - hobbitlaunch will automatically
       notice any changes  in  the  set  of  tasks,  and  change  the  scheduling  of  activities

       hobbitlaunch  also  allows the administrator to setup specific logfiles for each component
       of the Xymon system, instead of getting output from all  components  logged  to  a  single


              Loads  the  environment from FILENAME before starting other tools.  The environment
              defined by FILENAME is the default, it can be overridden by the ENVFILE  option  in

              This  option  defines  the file that hobbitlaunch scans for tasks it must launch. A
              description of  this  file  is  in  hobbitlaunch.cfg(5)  The  default  tasklist  is

              Defines  the  logfile  where hobbitlaunch logs information about failures to launch
              tasks and other data about the operation  of  hobbitlaunch.  Logs  from  individual
              tasks  are  defined  in  the  hobbitlaunch.cfg  file.  By default this is logged to

              Filename which hobbitlaunch saves its own process-ID to. Commonly used by automated
              start/stop scripts.

              Logs the launch of all tasks to the logfile. Note that the logfile may become quite
              large if you enable this.

       --dump Just dump the contents of the hobbitlaunch.cfg file after  parsing  it.   Used  for

              Enable debugging output while running.

              hobbitlaunch  normally  detaches  from the controlling tty and runs as a background
              task. This option keeps it running in the foreground.


       hobbitlaunch will read the configuration file and start all of the tasks listed there.

       If a task completes abnormally (i.e. terminated by  a  signal  or  with  a  non-zero  exit
       status),  then  hobbitlaunch will attempt to restart it 5 times. If it still will not run,
       then the task is disabled for 10 minutes. This will be logged to the hobbitlaunch logfile.

       If the configuration file changes, hobbitlaunch will re-read it and notice any changes. If
       a running task was removed from the configuration, then the task is stopped. If a new task
       was added, it will be started.  If the command used for a task changed, or it was given  a
       new  environment definition file, or the logfile was changed, then the task is stopped and
       restarted with the new definition.


       hobbitlaunch.cfg(5), xymon(7)