Provided by: openvswitch-common_1.4.0-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       ovs-parse-leaks - parses OVS leak checker log files


       ovs-parse-leaks [binary] < log


       Many  Open  vSwitch  daemons  accept  a --check-leaks option that writes information about
       memory allocation and deallocation to  a  log  file.   ovs-parse-leaks  parses  log  files
       produced by this option and prints a summary of the results.  The most interesting part of
       the output is a list of memory blocks that  were  allocated  but  not  freed,  which  Open
       vSwitch developers can use to find and fix memory leaks.

       The  log  file  must  be  supplied on standard input.  The binary that produced the output
       should be supplied as the sole non-option argument.  For best results, the  binary  should
       have debug symbols.


       --help Prints a usage message and exits.


       The  output can be hard to interpret, especially for a daemon that does not exit in normal
       operation.  Using ovs-appctl(8) to invoke the exit command that some Open vSwitch  daemons
       support sometimes helps with this.

       ovs-parse-leaks  usually  incorrectly  reports  one  or  more ``bad frees of not-allocated
       address'' errors at the beginning of output.   These  reflect  frees  of  data  that  were
       allocated before the leak checker was turned on during program initialization.