Provided by: puppet_2.7.11-1ubuntu2_all bug


       puppet-doc - Generate Puppet documentation and references


       Generates a reference for all Puppet types. Largely meant for internal Puppet Labs use.


       puppet    doc    [-a|--all]   [-h|--help]   [-o|--outputdir   rdoc-outputdir]   [-m|--mode
       text|pdf|rdoc] [-r|--reference reference-name] [--charset charset] [manifest-file]


       If mode is not ´rdoc´, then this command generates  a  Markdown  document  describing  all
       installed  Puppet  types  or  all allowable arguments to puppet executables. It is largely
       meant for internal use and is used to generate the reference  document  available  on  the
       Puppet Labs web site.

       In  ´rdoc´  mode,  this  command generates an html RDoc hierarchy describing the manifests
       that are  in  ´manifestdir´  and  ´modulepath´  configuration  directives.  The  generated
       documentation directory is doc by default but can be changed with the ´outputdir´ option.

       If  the  command  is  run with the name of a manifest file as an argument, puppet doc will
       output a single manifest´s documentation on stdout.


       --all  Output the docs for all of the reference types. In ´rdoc´ modes, this also  outputs
              documentation for all resources

       --help Print this help message

              Specifies the directory where to output the rdoc documentation in ´rdoc´ mode.

       --mode Determine the output mode. Valid modes are ´text´, ´pdf´ and ´rdoc´. The ´pdf´ mode
              creates PDF formatted files in the /tmp directory. The default mode is  ´text´.  In
              ´rdoc´ mode you must provide ´manifests-path´

              Build  a  particular  reference.  Get  a  list of references by running ´puppet doc

              Used only in ´rdoc´ mode. It sets the charset used in the html files produced.


       $ puppet doc -r type > /tmp/type_reference.markdown


           $ puppet doc --outputdir /tmp/rdoc --mode rdoc /path/to/manifests


           $ puppet doc /etc/puppet/manifests/site.pp


           $ puppet doc -m pdf -r configuration


       Luke Kanies


       Copyright (c) 2011 Puppet Labs, LLC Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License