Provided by: qmail_1.06-4_i386 bug


       qmail-start - turn on mail delivery


       qmail-start [ defaultdelivery [ logger arg ...  ] ]


       qmail-start  invokes qmail-send, qmail-lspawn, qmail-rspawn, and qmail-
       clean, under the proper uids and gids.  These four daemons cooperate to
       deliver messages from the queue.

       qmail-start  arranges  for  qmail-send's  activity record to be sent to
       qmail-start's output.  See qmail-log(5) for the format of the  activity
       record.   Other than this, qmail-start does not print anything, even on

       If defaultdelivery is supplied, qmail-start passes it to qmail-lspawn.

       If logger is  supplied,  qmail-start  invokes  logger  with  the  given
       arguments, and feeds qmail-send's activity record through logger.

       Environment variables given to qmail-start will eventually be passed on
       to qmail-local, so make sure to clean up the  environment  if  you  run
       qmail-start manually:

          # env - PATH="/var/lib/qmail/bin:$PATH"
          qmail-start ./Mailbox splogger qmail &
          (all on one line)

       Resource  limits,  controlling ttys, et al. are also passed from qmail-
       start to qmail-local.

       Note that qmail-send normally juggles several simultaneous  deliveries.
       To  reduce  qmail-send's  impact  on other programs, you can run qmail-
       start with a low priority.


       logger(1), splogger(1), nice(1), qmail-log(5),  qmail-local(8),  qmail-
       clean(8), qmail-lspawn(8), qmail-rspawn(8), qmail-send(8)