Provided by: boxbackup-server_0.11.1~r2837-1_i386 bug


       raidfile-config - Configure Box Backup's RAID files


       raidfile-config config-dir blocksize dir1 [dir2 [dir3]]


       raidfile-config creates a raidfile.conf file for Box Backup. This file
       holds information about the directories used to store backups in. Box
       Backup supports userland RAID, in a restricted RAID5 configuration,
       where 3 and only 3 ´drives´ are supported. You can read more about
       RAID5 (and other RAID-levels) here[1].

       The parameters are as follows:

           The directory path where configuration files are located. Usually
           this is /etc/box.  raidfile.conf will be written in this directory.

           The block size used for file storage in the system, in bytes. Using
           a multiple of the file system block size is a good strategy.
           Depending on the size of the files you will be backing up, this
           multiple varies. Of course it also depends on the native block size
           of your file system.

           The first directory in the built-in RAID array.

           The second directory in the built-in RAID array. If you are not
           using the built-in RAID functionality, this field should be
           ignored. You should not use the built-in RAID if you have a
           hardware RAID solution or if you´re using another type of software
           RAID (like md on Linux).

           The third directory in the built-in RAID array. The same notes that
           apply to dir2 also apply to dir3.

       Note that there are currently no way to add multiple disk sets to the
       raidfile.conf file using command line tools, etc. See raidfile.conf(5)
       for details on adding more disks.


       If you find a bug in Box Backup, and you want to let us know about it,
       join the mailing list[2], and send a description of the problem there.

       To report a bug, give us at least the following information:

       ·   The version of Box Backup you are running

       ·   The platform you are running on (hardware and OS), for both client
           and server.

       ·   If possible attach your config files (bbstored.conf, bbackupd.conf)
           to the bug report.

       ·   Also attach any log file output that helps shed light on the
           problem you are seeing.

       ·   And last but certainly not least, a description of what you are
           seeing, in as much detail as possible.


       raidfile-config generates the raidfile.conf(5) file.


       bbstored-config(8), bbstored.conf(5), raidfile.conf(5)


       Ben Summers

       Per Thomsen

       James O´Gorman


        1. here

        2. mailing list