Provided by: gnats_4.1.0-2_amd64 bug


       rmcat - remove GNATS categories


       rmcat  category [ category...  ]


       Removes  any  named  category from the GNATS installation.  Before calling rmcat, you must
       first remove category from the  list  of  categories  in  the  database.   You  must  also
       reclassify  or  remove  all  problem  reports  associated  with category (i.e., category's
       subdirectory must be empty).


       Keeping Track: Managing  Messages  With  GNATS  (also  installed  as  the  GNU  Info  file

       databases(5),  dbconfig(5),  delete-pr(8),  edit-pr(1) file-pr(8), gen-index(8), gnats(7),
       gnatsd(8), mkcat(8), mkdb(8), pr-edit(8), query-pr(1), queue-pr(8), send-pr(1).


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