Provided by: sasl2-bin_2.1.25.dfsg1-3_amd64 bug


       saslpasswd2 - set a user's sasl password


       saslpasswd2 [-p] [-d] [-c] [-n] [-f file] [-u domain] [-a appname] [-v] userid


       saslpasswd2  is  used  by  a server administrator to set a user's sasl password for server
       programs and SASL mechanisms which use the standard libsasl database of user secrets.


       -p     Pipe mode - saslpasswd2 will neither prompt for the password nor verify that it was
              entered correctly.  This is the default when standard input is not a terminal.

       -c     Creates  an entry for the user if the user doesn't already exist.  This is mutually
              exclusive with the -d (delete user) flag.

       -d     Deletes the entry for the user.  This is mutually exclusive  with  the  -c  (create
              user) flag.

       -n     Don't  set  the  plaintext  userPassword  property  for  the user.  Only mechanism-
              specific secrets will be set (e.g. OTP, SRP)

       -u domain
              use domain for user domain (realm).

       -f file
              use file for sasldb

       -a appname
              use appname as application name.

       -v     Print libsasl2 version number and exit.



       rfc4422 - Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)