Provided by: policycoreutils_2.1.0-3ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       semodule_deps - show the dependencies between SELinux policy packages.


       semodule_deps [-v -g -b] basemodpkg modpkg1 [modpkg2 ... ]


       semodule_deps  is  a  developer tool for showing the dependencies between policy packages.
       For each module it prints  a  list  of  modules  that  must  be  present  for  a  module's
       requirements to be satisfied. It only deals with requirements, not optional dependencies.

       In  order  for  semodule_deps  to  give  useful information the list of packages passed in
       cannot have unsatisfied dependencies. In general this means that the list of modules  will
       usually be quite long.

       By  default  options  to  the  base  module  are  excluded as almost every module has this
       dependency. The -b option will include these dependencies.

       In addition to human readable output, semodule_deps can output  the  dependencies  in  the
       Graphviz  dot  format  (  using the -g option. This is useful for
       producing a picture of the dependencies.


       -v     verbose mode

       -g     output dependency information in Graphviz dot format

       -b     include dependencies to the base module - by default these are excluded


       checkmodule(8), semodule_package(8), semodule(8), semodule_link(8)


       This manual page was written by Karl MacMillan <>.
       The program was written by Karl MacMillan <>.