Provided by: inn2_2.5.2+20110413-1build1_amd64 bug


       sendinpaths - Send Usenet Path: statistics via e-mail


       sendinpaths [-n | "address [address ...]"]


       sendinpaths checks pathlog/path for ninpaths dump files, finds dump files generated in the
       past 30 days, makes sure they are valid by running ninpaths on each one and making sure
       the exit status is zero, and passes them to ninpaths to generate a cumulative report.  By
       default, that report is mailed to the e-mail addresses configured at the beginning of this
       script (by default <> and <>) in order to
       supply the TOP1000 project with useful statistics:  see <> for more

       When finished, sendinpaths deletes all dump files in pathlog/path that are older than 14
       days (configurable at the beginning of the script).

       For more information on how to set up ninpaths, see ninpaths(8).


       -n  Don't e-mail the report; instead, just print it to standard output.  Don't delete old
           dump files.

       address ...
           E-mail the report to the mentioned addresses instead of the default ones.  Several
           addresses can be used, separated by whitespace.  For instance, for two adresses:

               sendinpaths ""

           The quotes can be omitted when only an address is specified.


       sendinpaths was written by Olaf Titz <>.

       $Id: sendinpaths.pod 9080 2010-06-28 18:04:22Z iulius $