Provided by: shaperd_0.2.1-5.2_amd64 bug


       shaperd - traffic shaper for tcp-ip networks


       shaperd [-h] [-v] [-c file ]


       shaperd  is  a user-mode program that can shape traffic passing through a linux box. As it
       runs as a normal daemon process, packet forwarding to/from the kernel can be done  by  the
       BSD  divert sockets layer (available as a patch for the linux kernel) or by the ipq packet
       forwarding library that comes with kernel 2.4.

       The configuration is made via a single text file, you can force  a  reload  by  sending  a
       SIGHUP. Logs are routed via syslog, with priority=info, facility=daemon.

       Please note that, for the moment, you must instruct the kernel which packets to forward to
       shaperd.  This can be done, for example, with the ipchains(8) utility under Linux 2.2,  or
       with  iptables(8)  under  Linux 2.4. Also, note that if a packet does not match any of the
       rules in the configuration file, it will be ignored by shaperd (but it will be  logged  if
       the log level is high enough).


       -c config-file
              Tells the daemon to get its configuration from this config-file

       -h     Summarizes command line options

       -v     Prints version information


       ipchains(8);      iptables(8);     libipq(3);     Linux's     divert     sockets     site,          ;          Netfilter's          site,     Linux     Advanced     Routing    &    Traffic    Control,


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