Provided by: shinken-reactionner_0.6.5-2build1_all bug


       shinken-reactionner - Shinken reactionner command.

       =head1 SYNOPSIS

       /usr/sbin/shinken-reactionner  [options...]

       =head1 DESCRIPTION

       Shinken reactionner Daemon

       =head1 OPTIONS

       =over 8

       =item B<-c|--config>

       Config file. Multiple -c can be used, it will be like if all files was just one.

       =item B<-d|--daemon>

       Run in daemon mode.

       =item B<-r|--replace>

       Replace previous running scheduler.

       =item B<-h|--help>

       Print detailed help screen.

       =item B<--debug>

       Debug File. Default : no use (why debug a bug free program? :) ).

       Displays information about the currently installed version and exists.

       =head1 BUGS

       This  command has absolutely no bugs, as I have written it. Also, as it has no bugs, there
       is no need for a bug tracker.

       =head1 AUTHORS

       Bshinken-reactionner was written by Jean Gabes <>. This manual page  was
       written by David Hannequin <>.

       Both are released under the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3 or later.