Provided by: squid3_3.1.19-1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       squid_radius_auth - Squid RADIUS authentication helper


       squid_radius_auth -f configfile
       squid_radius_auth -h "server" [-p port] [-i identifier] -w secret


       This  helper  allows  Squid  to  connect  to a RADIUS server to validate the user name and
       password of Basic HTTP authentication.

       -f configfile
              Specifies the path to a configuration  file.  See  the  CONFIGURATION  section  for

       -h server
              Alternative method of specifying the server to connect to

       -p port
              Specify  another  server  port  where  the  RADIUS  server  listens for requests if
              different from the default RADIUS port.  Normally not specified.

       -i identifier
              Unique identifier identifying this Squid  proxy  to  the  RADIUS  server.   If  not
              specified the IP address is used as to identify the proxy.

       -w secret
              Alternative method of specifying the shared secret. Using the configuration file is
              generally more secure and recommended.

       -t timeout
              RADIUS request timeout. Default 10 seconds.


       The configuration specifies how the helper connects to RADIUS.  The file contains  a  list
       of directives (one per line). Lines beginning with a # is ignored.

       server radiusserver
              specifies the name or address of the RADIUS server to connect to.

       secret somesecretstring
              specifies the shared RADIUS secret.

       identifier nameofserver
              specifies  what  the  proxy  should  identify itsels as to the RADIUS server.  This
              directive is optional.

       port portnumber
              Specifies the port number or service name where the helper should connect.


       This manual page was written by Henrik Nordstrom <>

       squid_radius_auth is written by Marc van Selm <>  with  contributions  from
       Henrik Nordstrom <> and many others


       Any  questions  on  usage  can be sent to Squid Users <>, or to
       your favorite RADIUS list/friend if the question is more related to RADIUS than Squid.


       Report bugs or bug-fixes to Squid  Bugs  <>  or  ideas  for  new
       improvements to Squid Developers <>


       RFC2058 - Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS)