Provided by: ledcontrol_0.5.2-12_i386 bug

NAME - default startup script of ledd(8)

DESCRIPTION  is part of the ledcontrol package, which allows you to show
       arbitrary information on the normally-unused keyboard LEDs.
       is  the  default  startup script that ledd(8) uses. It is configured in
       /etc/ledcontrol.conf and checks the given conditions every few  seconds
       (by default every 5 seconds).  should  not be executed by the user, instead, it is started
       by  ledd(8)  on  startup.  See  ledcontrol.conf(5)   for   details   on

SILENCING  may cause a disk-access every time it check the conditions.
       This is due to the access-time feature of the ext2 filesystem. If  this
       bothers you, you can disable the access-time updating from some files.

       Do NOT try this unless you know what you are doing!

       Mounting a partition with the option "noatime" disables the access-time
       updates of the files on that filesystem. You can  add  this  option  in
       /etc/fstab  to  have  the  filesystems  mounted with it by default. You
       probably need to have it set for some files in /usr and maybe /lib.  If
       you do not want to remove the access-time feature of all the files, you
       may be able to create  a  small  partition  (or  file)  containing  the
       necessary libraries and programs and using that.

       Another  option  is to use chattr(1) to remove the access-time updating
       of only certain files. I have not tried this, so if you do, please tell
       be how it works out.


              location of the default startup script

              configuration file for

              default configuration file for ledd


       ledcontrol.conf(5), ledcontrol(1), ledd(8), ledd.conf(5)


       Ledcontrol  was  written by Sampo Niskanen <>. You
       can    get    the     latest     version     of     ledcontrol     from


       bash  version 2.xx.xx has a bug in it that causes to lock up
       if backgrounding is used. From version 0.5.0 up this has  been  checked
       by  and  if  a bad version of bash is being used the option
       USE_BACKGROUNDING    is    automatically    set    to     "NO"     (see