Provided by: sysklogd_1.5-6ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       syslog-facility - Setup and remove LOCALx facility for sysklogd


       syslog-facility set set_of_priority log_file  ...

       syslog-facility remove facility


       syslog-facility can be used to setup a syslog facility and to remove it. The primary use
       of this perl script is to allow packages to automatically setup (and remove) a LOCALx
       facility. With the first argument beeing set, it will output a string containing the first
       free LOCALx facility that has been assigned to your request :

         # syslog-facility set all /var/log/sympa

       This does mean that a line "local0.*    /var/log/sympa" has been added to the syslog.conf
       file. If no free LOCALx facility has been found, then it outputs "none" (with a end of

       You can use different set of priorities (most of what syslogd supports) :

         # syslog-facility set 'all;!=debug;' /var/log/sympa '=debug' /var/log/sympa-d

       Pay particular attention to shell escapes since ';','!' have special meanings for them.
       The syntax is similar to syslog.conf except that '*' must be replaced by 'all'.

       In that case you will have two lines added two the syslog.conf file :

         local1.*;local1.!=debug       /var/log/sympa
         local1.=debug                 /var/log/sympa-d

       If the first argument is remove, then it will remove all references to a precise LOCALx
       facility. Example :

         # syslog-facility remove local1

       It will remove all references to the local1 facility.


       The script doesn't know about multi-lines configuration (ie with '\').

       With a line like that "mail,local0.* /anything", "syslog-facility remove local0" would
       remove the entire line. It should not be a problem since lines installed by this script
       cannot use this syntax.


       syslog.conf(5), sysklogd(8).