Provided by: iproute_20111117-1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       choke - choose and keep scheduler


       tc  qdisc  ...  choke  limit bytes min bytes max bytes avpkt bytes burst packets [ ecn ] [
       bandwidth rate ] probability chance


       CHOKe (CHOose and Keep for responsive flows, CHOose and Kill for unresponsive flows) is  a
       classless  qdisc  designed  to both identify and penalize flows that monopolize the queue.
       CHOKe is a variation of RED, and the configuration is the same as RED.


       Once the queue hits a certain average length, a random packet is drawn from the queue.  If
       both  the  to-be-queued  and  the  drawn  packet belong to the same flow, both packets are
       dropped.  Otherwise, if the queue length is still below the maximum length, the new packet
       has  a  configurable chance of being marked (which may mean dropped).  If the queue length
       exceeds max , the new packet will always be marked (or  dropped).   If  the  queue  length
       exceeds limit , the new packet is always dropped.

       The marking probability computation is the same as used by the RED qdisc.


       The parameters are the same as for RED, see tc-red(8) for a description.


       o      R.  Pan,  B. Prabhakar, and K. Psounis, "CHOKe, A Stateless Active Queue Management
              Scheme for Approximating Fair Bandwidth Allocation", IEEE INFOCOM, 2000.

       o      A.  Tang,  J.  Wang,  S.  Low,  "Understanding  CHOKe:   Throughput   and   Spatial
              Characteristics", IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 2004


       tc(8), tc-red(8)


       sched_choke was contributed by Stephen Hemminger.