Provided by: torrus-common_2.01-2_all bug


       compilexml - Torrus XML configuration (re)compiler.


       torrus compilexml --tree=TREENAME [options...]


       This command compiles the Torrus's XML configuration for the tree TREENAME. It does not
       require any other processes to be restarted after the configuration is changed. Renderer's
       cache is automatically flushed on on the next Renderer's run. Monitor automatically resets
       on the next monitoring cycle. All dynamic tokensets in the given tree are emptied.


           Instructs to compile configuration for all trees.

           Instructs to compile non-datasource configuration only.

           Disables all validation of the XML configuration. This speeds up the compilation up to
           2 times, while adding a risk to end up with an unusable configuration. In addition,
           the first initialization cycle of Collector and Monitor in this case would be much

           Normally the compiler would fail to start if another compiler process is already
           running for the specific tree. In case of abnormal function, the running status of the
           previous pcompiler may stay in the database.  This option forces the compiler to
           continue even if if sees the presence of another process.

           Sets the log level to debug.

           Sets the debug level to info.

           Displays a help message.




       See more documentation at Torrus home page:


       Stanislav Sinyagin <>