Provided by: tumgreyspf_1.36-1_all bug


       tumgreyspf - an external policy checker for the postfix mail server


       tumgreyspf [ configfilename ]


       Tumgreyspf  can  optionally greylist and/or use spfquery to check SPF records to determine
       if email should be accepted by your server.

       SPF is information published by the domain owner about what systems may legitimately  send
       e-mail for the domain.  Greylisting takes advantage of spam and viruses that do not follow
       the RFCs and retry deliveries on temporary failure.  We use these checks as  part  of  our
       mail  system  and  have  seen  several orders of magnitude reduction in spam, lower system
       load, and few problems with legitimate mail getting blocked.

       Tumgreyspf uses the file-system as it's database, no additional database  is  required  to
       use it.

       This  man  page  is  a place holder for whoever wants to write a doc to this. Feel free to
       send it to  the  upstream  Sean  Reifschneider  <>  or  to  me,  the  Debian
       maintainer, Thomas Goirand <>.


       Homepage: <>