Provided by: vzquota_3.0.12-3_amd64 bug


       vzdqdump, vzdqload - dump, load user/group quotas


       vzdqdump [general_options] quota_id [-f]
              [-c quota_file] { [-G] [-U] [-T] }

       vzdqload [general_options] quota_id
              [-c quota_file] { [-G] [-U] [-T] }


       vzdqdump  dumps  user/group  quota  information  obtained  either from a quota file or the
       kernel to stdout.

       vzdqload loads user/group quota information provided by vzdqdump  from  stdin  into  quota
       file. Quota must be stopped at load.

       The  quota_id  must  be  numeric-only  identifier.  Note, that quota ID is not the same as
       container ID (CTID). One container can mount several filesystems and each of them can have
       its own quotas.


       -h     Print usage information.

       -V     Print utility version.

       -q     Quiet  mode.  Causes  all  warning  and diagnostic messages to be suppressed.  Only
              fatal errors are displayed.

       -v     Verbose mode.  Causes  the  utilities  to  print  debugging  messages  about  their
              progress. Multiple -v options increase verbosity. Maximum is 2.

       -f     Dump user/group quota information from kernel rather than quota file.

       -c quota_file
              Specifies quota file to process.

       -G, --grace
              Dump (load) user/group grace times.

       -U, --limits
              Dump (load) disk limits of users/groups.

       -T, --exptimes
              Dump (load) expiration times of users/groups.


       See vzquota(8)


       Copyright (C) 2000-2008, Parallels, Inc. Licensed under GNU GPL.