Provided by: gnuspool_1.7_amd64 bug


       xtlpc - LPD protocol server driver


       xtlpc -H hostname -f ctrlfile [ -F fifo ] [ -S host ] [ -P ptrname ] [ -N ] [ file ]


       xtlpc is a terminal server program for use by GNUspool where the destination is an LPD
       protocol server. Input is usually taken from standard input, or from the supplied file


       -H hostname
               This is the host name or IP address to be used to access the printer. In GNUspool
               setup files, it may be appropriate to substitute $SPOOLDEV or $SPOOLPTR here.

       -f ctrlfile
               This specifies the location of the control file, typically xtlpc-ctrl in the
               internal programs directory.

       -S hostname
               This is the host name or IP address of the sending host, in the cases where
               gethostname(3) does not yield an appropriate answer.

       -P ptrname
               The LPD protocol supplies a name to the printer. By default, this is taken from
               SPOOLPTR, i.e. the name given as the name of the printer under GNUspool. Some
               terminal servers require a specific name to be given to the printer, perhaps to
               select which printer, or printer option of several is to be specified. This option
               overrides this printer name in the protocol.

       -F fifo Take input from the named fifo rather than standard input or the supplied file.

               This is useful in situations where the LPD protocol has to be run from a command
               line, i.e. a console session, and files sent to it by having GNUspool write to the

       -N      Avoid sending zero length files, which confuse some servers.


       xtlpc generates any appropriate diagnostics on standard error.


       Normal termination is denoted by an exit code of zero.

       1   Usage error, invalid option etc.

       2   No control file given.

       3   No destination host given.

       4   Cannot open input file.

       5   Unknown host name.

       6   Cannot open control file.

       7   Syntax errors in control file.

       8   No spool directory defined.

       9   Cannot select spool directory.

       10  Control card format not given in control file

       11  Invalid format control card in control file

       12  Cannot write to spool directory

       13  Cannot create spool file

       14  Cannot allocate file name.

       15  Cannot open FIFO.

       16  Name given is not a FIFO.

       17  Cannot specify input and FIFO.

       20  Cannot create sequence file

       30  No port name in control file

       31  TCP protocol missing

       32  Cannot find named port in service file

       33  Cannot open socket.

       34  Cannot bind port

       35  Cannot allocate TCP device

       36  Cannot make connection

       37  Cannot allocate TCP space or change stream

       40  Write failure writing to socket

       41  Lost spool file

       42  Read failure ack packet.

       43  Error return from remote.

       50  Cannot determine own host name

       51  Invalid host name

       200 Exit on signal.


       xtlpc-ctrl control file

       /var/spool/gnuspool/xtlpc spool directory (may be changed in xtlpc-ctrl)


       xilp(8), xtelnet(8), xtftp(8), xtlhp(8).


       Copyright (c) 2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.  This is free software. You may
       redistribute copies of it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
       <>.  There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by


       John M Collins, Xi Software Ltd.