Provided by: nsd3_3.2.9-1_amd64 bug


       zonec - NSD zone compiler version 3.2.9.


       zonec  [-v]  [-h]  [-C] [-L] [-F] [-c configfile] [-d directory] [-o origin] [-z zonefile]
       [-f database]


       Zonec is the nsd(8) database compiler for creating name space  databases  from  a  set  of
       input master zone files specified in nsd.conf(5) file.

       It  is  normally invoked via nsdc(8) rebuild command.  Zonec will then parse every zone in
       nsd.conf(5) file and add it to the name space database, /var/lib/nsd3/nsd.db  by  default,
       that is used by nsd(8) to answer incoming queries.


       -c configfile
              Read specified configfile instead of the default /etc/nsd3/nsd.conf.

       -C     No config file is read (use with -f, -o and -z).

       -d directory
              Change  the  working  directory  to  directory  before  doing  any  work. Overrides
              zonesdir: option in config file.

       -f database
              Create the specified database instead of the file specified  as  database:  in  the
              config file.

       -o origin
              Use this as the first origin. Zone information is read from zonefile specified with
              -z. When reading zones from config file this option is ignored.

       -z zonefile
              Reads all zone information from zonefile.  If zonefile equals `-`,  then  all  zone
              information is read from stdin, making constructs like:

              # cat zones* | ./zonec -C -f nsd.db -o -z -

              possible. When reading zones from config file this option is ignored.

       -v     Increase  the  verbosity  of  zonec.  This  flag can be specified multiple times to
              increase the level of verbosity. The first level of verbosity will print  per  zone
              summary  information.  The second level of will print progress information for each
              10,000 RRs processed.

       -F     Set debug facilities. (If compiled with --enable-checking.)

       -L     Set debug level. (If compiled with --enable-checking.)


              default NSD database

              default NSD configuration file


       Zonec will log all the problems via the standard error output and progress via  stdout  if
       the v option is specified.


       nsd(8), nsdc(8), nsd.conf(5), nsd-checkconf(8), nsd-notify(8), nsd-patch(8), nsd-xfer(8)


       NSD  was  written  by  NLnet  Labs and RIPE NCC joint team. Please see CREDITS file in the
       distribution for further details.


       Zonec has rather weak error diagnostics that  will  change  in  further  versions.   Zonec
       expects  the input files to be free of syntax errors and very little fool proof checks are