Provided by: librheolef-dev_5.93-2_amd64 bug


       typename_macro, pretty_typename_macro - type demangler and pretty printer


       These  preprocessor  macro-definitions  are  usefull  when  dealing  with complex types as
       generated by imbricted template technics: they print in clear a complex type at  run-time.
       typeid_name_macro obtains a human readable type in a std::tring form by calling the system
       typeid function and then a demangler.  When this  type  is  very  long,  pretty_name_macro
       prints also it in a multi-line form with a pretty indentation.


         typedef map <size_t, double, less<size_t>, heap_allocator<pair<size_t,double> > >  map_type;
         cout << typeid_name_macro (map_type);


       extern std::string typeid_name (const char* name, bool do_indent);

       /// @brief get string from a type, with an optional pretty-printing for complex types
       #define        typename_macro(T) typeid_name(typeid(T).name(), false)
       #define pretty_typename_macro(T) typeid_name(typeid(T).name(), true)

       /// @brief get string type from a variable or expression
       template <class T> std::string        typename_of (T x) { return        typename_macro(T); }
       template <class T> std::string pretty_typename_of (T x) { return pretty_typename_macro(T); }