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     vinvalbuf — flushes and invalidates all buffers associated with a vnode


     #include <sys/param.h>
     #include <sys/vnode.h>

     vinvalbuf(struct vnode *vp, int flags, struct ucred *cred, int slpflag,
         int slptimeo);


     The vinvalbuf() function invalidates all of the buffers associated with
     the given vnode.  This includes buffers on the clean list and the dirty
     list.  If the V_SAVE flag is specified then the buffers on the dirty list
     are synced prior to being released.  If there is a VM Object associated
     with the vnode, it is removed.

     Its arguments are:

     vp        A pointer to the vnode whose buffers will be invalidated.

     flags     The only supported flag is V_SAVE and it indicates that dirty
               buffers should be synced with the disk.

     cred      The user credentials that are used to VOP_FSYNC(9) buffers if
               V_SAVE is set.

     slpflag   The slp flag that will be used in the priority of any sleeps in
               the function.

     slptimeo  The timeout for any sleeps in the function.


     The vnode is assumed to be locked prior to the call and remains locked
     upon return.

     Giant must be held by prior to the call and remains locked upon return.


     A 0 value is returned on success.


           vn_lock(devvp, LK_EXCLUSIVE | LK_RETRY);
           error = vinvalbuf(devvp, V_SAVE, cred, 0, 0);
           VOP_UNLOCK(devvp, 0);
           if (error)
                   return (error);


     [ENOSPC]           The file system is full.  (With V_SAVE)

     [EDQUOT]           Disc quota exceeded.  (With V_SAVE)

     [EWOULDBLOCK]      Sleep operation timed out.  (See slptimeo)

     [ERESTART]         A signal needs to be delivered and the system call
                        should be restarted.  (With PCATCH set in slpflag)

     [EINTR]            The system has been interrupted by a signal.  (With
                        PCATCH set in slpflag)


     brelse(9), bremfree(9), tsleep(9), VOP_FSYNC(9)


     This manual page was written by Chad David ⟨⟩.