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       intro - Introduction to library functions


       This  chapter  describes  all  library  functions excluding the library
       functions described in chapter 2, which implement system calls.   There
       are  various  function groups which can be identified by a letter which
       is appended to the chapter number:

       (3C)   These functions, the functions from chapter 2 and  from  chapter
              3S  are  contained in the C standard library libc, which will be
              used by cc(1) by default.

       (3S)   These functions are parts of the stdio(3S)  library.   They  are
              contained in the standard C library libc.

       (3M)   These  functions  are  contained in the arithmetic library libm.
              They are used by the f77(1) FORTRAN compiler by default, but not
              by the cc(1) C compiler, which needs the option -lm.

       (3F)   These  functions  are part of the FORTRAN library libF77.  There
              are no special compiler flags needed to use these functions.

       (3X)   Various special libraries.  The manual pages  documenting  their
              functions specify the library names.


       Look  at  the header of the manual page for the author(s) and copyright
       conditions.  Note that these can be different from page to page!