Provided by: fakeroot_1.18.2-1_i386 bug


       faked  -  daemon  that  remembers  fake  ownership/permissions of files
       manipulated by fakeroot processes.


       faked [--debug] [--foreground]  [--cleanup]  [--key  msg-key]  [--load]
       [--save-file save-file] [--port TCP-port]


       If  a  fakeroot  process  wants to change the ownership of a file, then
       faked is the process that remembers that new owner. If later  the  same
       fakeroot  process does a stat() for that filename, then the libfakeroot
       wrapped stat() call will first ask faked for the fake ownership etc  of
       that file, and then report it.


              Skriv ut avlusningsinformation via stderr.

              Don't fork into the background.

       --cleanup  number
              Cleanup the semaphores.

       --key  nyckelv"arde
              Don't  allocate  a  new  communication  channel, but use channel
              specified by key. (If the specified channel doesn't exist,  it's

       --save-file  save-file
              Save the environment to save-file on exit.

       --load Load a previously saved environment from the standard input.

              Use  real  ownership  of  previously-unknown  files  instead  of
              setting them to root:root.

       --port  tcp-port
              Use TCP port tcp-port.


       Inga kanda. Tag dock i beaktande, att aven om jag skrivit  ett  flertal
       storre  (och  mindre) program, sa har jag aldrig skrivit nagot sa litet
       som fakeroot, som har sa manga buggar som fakeroot, och anda  varit  sa
       anvandbart  som, lat saga, fakeroot version 0.0_3, den forsta versionen
       av programmet som kunde anvandas for att bygga sig sjalv.


       fakeroot distribueras under GNU General Public License.  (GPL 2.0 eller


       joost witteveen

       Clint Adams

       Timo Savola


       David Weinehall <>


       mostly  by  J.H.M.  Dassen <> mods/additions by joost
       and Clint.


       fakeroot(1),              dpkg-buildpackage(1),              debuild(1)