Provided by: po-debconf_1.0.16+nmu2ubuntu1_all bug


       po-debconf -- gii thiu


       Mc ich ca "debconf" la lam cho tin trinh cu hinh goi la than thin vi
       ngi dung.  t c, quan trng la m bo mi ngi dung s thy cau hi bng ngon ng
       m . Ngi dch yeu cu mt khuon kh  dch d dang ma khong cn theo doi tin
       trinh phat trin goi phn mm. "po-debconf" a c thit k  chy ung vi cac
       cong c "gettext" tieu chun khi dch tp tin mu debconf.


       Mun them h tr debconf vao goi thi bn a ghi mt tp tin mu cha vn bn ting
       Anh (ngon ng gc).  them kh nng h tr tin trinh quc t hoa (i18n) vao goi,
       bn cn phi:

       o To debian/po/
           Tp tin nay cha danh sach cac mu ch. Binh thng no cha ch mt dong
           rieng l:

             [type: gettext/rfc822deb] templates

           ng dn tng i vi th mc cha.

       o Them mt du gch di vao trc mi trng co th dch c trong mi mu
           Binh thng co th dch c cac trng kiu "Description", "Choices" va oi
           khi "Default".

       o Chy debconf-updatepo
           Tin trinh nay s to tp tin debian/po/templates.pot ma ngi dch s dch
           sang ngon ng khac.

       o Them vao debian/control mt quan h ph thuc xay dng vao "po-debconf".


        giup  ngi dch thi bn nen bo tn mt goi phn mm co cac tp tin PO hin thi.
       (Khong thi ngi dch hoai phi thi gi vi dch chui vo ich.)  c cp nht cac
       tp tin PO, hay gi cau lnh theo ay (khong co i s):

         $ debconf-updatepo

        duy tri cac tp tin PO hin thi, bn nen chy lnh nay mi ln thay i chui
       ting Anh trong mu. Cng nen chy no khi bn nhn bn dch mi hay bn dch a cp
       nht, vi ngi dch co th a dch tp tin PO c.

       Nu bn thay ten, them hay g b bt k tp tin mu, cng nh  chnh sa tp tin
       debian/po/ mt cach tng ng. Khong thi mt s chui ting Anh b
       thiu trong tp tin PO; cac chui ting Anh nay s c hin th cho ngi dung
       xem, thm chi nu cac tp tin PO a c dch hoan toan.

       Chng trinh debconf-updatepo la lu ng: no sa i tp tin PO ch nu ni dung b
       cp nht. Vi vy phng phap tt nht cung cp cac tp tin PO hin thi trong goi
       ma ngun la gi cau lnh nay t ich "clean" ca tp tin debian/rules.

       Ghi chu rng bn cn phi chy debconf-updatepo thm chi nu bn s dng
       dh_installdebconf. Ham th hai nay gi po2debconf ma tng gi debconf-
       updatepo nu phat hin tp tin b li thi, nhng khong con la trng hp li vi
       hai ly do :

       1. po2debconf nh nhan gi  phat hin tp tin b li thi, va co th khong chy
          ung khi dung "pbuilder" hoc nu bn dch c a c lu vao a sau khi mu b sa

       2. dh_installdebconf c gi a lau sau khi to ra tp tin ".diff.gz".


       Bn cn phi kim tra cac bn dch c hp nht trong goi a xay dng khi no c bien
       dch. Bn co th t kim tra, hoc t ng kim tra bng cach s dng vn lnh
       dh_installdebconf (hay m bo co mt quan h ph thuc xay dng t phien bn vi
       "debhelper (>= 4.1.16)").

        t kim tra, bn cn phi trn cac mu vi cac bn dch vao luc bien dch (va t
       quan h ph thuc xay dng vi "po-debconf") nh th:

         $ po2debconf debian/templates > debian/tmp/DEBIAN/templates

       BE CAREFUL: hai tp tin ten templates khong phi trung nhau. Tp tin th
       nht cha ch vn bn gc (thng la ting Anh), va anh du mt s trng cn dch, con
       tp tin th hai cha tt c cac ngon ng. Vi vy bn KHONG th gi ch nhng mu a
       trn: co gi thi bn khong th x ly mi bn dch c  trinh.


       nh dng ngun tp tin mu mi la gn trung vi mt ca nhng tp tin mu a phat
       hanh, nhng mi trng co th dch c co du gch di nm trc. Thi d :

         Template: debconf/frontend
         Type: select
         _Choices: Dialog, Readline, Gnome, Editor, Noninteractive
         Default: Dialog
         _Description: Interface to use for configuring packages:
          Packages that use debconf for configuration share a common look and
          feel.  You can select the type of user interface they use.
          The dialog frontend is a full-screen, character based interface,
          while the readline frontend uses a more traditional plain text
          interface, and the gnome frontend is a modern X interface.  The
          editor frontend lets you configure things using your favorite text
          editor. The noninteractive frontend never asks you any questions.

       K t "po-debconf" 0.6.0, trng a a phng hoa co th cha hai du gch di i
       trc. Trong trng hp nay, gia tr trng nen la mt danh sach cac gia tr nh
       gii bng du phy, mi chui msgid thi cha mt gia tr. Do o, nu mu vi d trc

         __Choices: Dialog, Readline, Gnome, Editor, Noninteractive

       thi to 5 chui msgid khac nhau. Ghi chu rng du cach nm sau du phy khong
       co ngha.

       Co mt danh sach s chn khong bao gi bin i thi "_Choices" la ung. Tuy
       nhien, chia tach danh sach nh vy co th giup tranh li thng gp trong bn
       dch (v.d. b sot mt s chn, s dng du phy khong tieu chun). Vi ly do nay,
       rt khuyen bn s dng "__Choices"  thay th.

       Tic la nu bn chuyn i t "_Choices" sang "__Choices" thi cng lam cho mi
       chui dch la dch m (fuzzy). Tuy nhien, co mt phng phap chuyn i nh th ma
       khong mt trng thai v chui dch (phng phap nay yeu cu "po-debconf" >=
       1.0). Mun chuyn i mu vi d trc sang "__Choices": trc tien cn sao chep tp
       tin templates vao mt tp tin tm thi.

         $ cp debian/templates debian/foo

       Sa debian/foo, gi ch nhng trng "Template", "Type" va "_Choices" ma nm
       trong thi d nay.

         Template: debconf/frontend
         Type: select
         _Choices: Dialog, Readline, Gnome, Kde, Editor, Noninteractive

       Chy debconf-gettextize vi hai c "--merge" va "--choices"  xay dng cac
       tp tin PO nh th la "__Choices" a c ghi, va trn cac tp tin PO nay vi cac
       tp tin a tn ti:

         $ debconf-gettextize --merge --choices debian/foo

       Cui cung bn cn phi g b foo va t chnh sa debian/templates thay th
       "_Choices" bng "__Choices" trc khi chy debconf-updatepo.

       Cac nha duy tri "Dpkg" a quyt nh rng theo quy c mi dong bt u vi du thng
       ("#") la chu thich trong tp tin debian/control: "po-debconf" cng theo
       quy c nay. K t "po-debconf" 0.8.0, cac chu thich nh vy c ghi vao tp tin
       PO, va co th cha thong tin hu ich cho ngi dch. Hn na, cac phien bn
       "po-debconf" trc b qua mi dong khong cha du hai chm, vi vy nu chu thich
       khong cha du hai chm thi khong cn them quan h ph thuc xay dng lp phien
       bn i vi "po-debconf". Thi d :

         Template: debconf/button-yes
         Type: text
         # Translators, this text will appear on a button, so KEEP IT SHORT
         _Description: Yes

       Chu thich c bit a c gii thiu trong "po-debconf" 1.0  qun ly chui cha
       vai mc khac nhau (nh trong trng Choices) hay vai on vn khac nhau (nh
       Description). Hai ch th nay cho nha phat trin iu khin hu ich hn thong
       tin c hin th cho ngi dch. Chu thich nay theo dng "#flag:directive"; cac
       ch th c din t ben di.

       translate:spec, translate!:spec
          anh du ch mt s mc la << co th dch c >>; spec la danh sach con s nh
          gii bng du phy, no xac nh nhng chui nao s c in ra tp tin PO. Cng co
          th xac nh phm vi bng du tr (v.d. "2-6"), va du sao ("*") co ngha <<
          mi chui >>. Chng hn, i vi

            Template: partman-basicfilesystems/fat_mountpoint
            Type: select
            __Choices: /dos, /windows, Enter manually, Do not mount it
            _Description: Mount point for this partition:

          Hai mc "Enter manually" va "Do not mount it" s xut hin trong tp tin
          PO, nhngkhong phi hai mc "/dos" va "/windows". Co du chm than nm sau
          t khoa translate thi spec xac nh nhng chui nao s b hy ra tp tin PO:
          cac chui khac c in ra. Thi d trc tng t vi

            Template: partman-basicfilesystems/fat_mountpoint
            Type: select
            __Choices: /dos, /windows, Enter manually, Do not mount it
            _Description: Mount point for this partition:

          Co th ap dng cung t khoa cho trng Description  m bo mt s chui rieng
          s khong c dch.

            Template: partman-crypto/options_missing
            Type: error
            _Description: Required encryption options missing
             The encryption options for ${DEVICE} are incomplete. Please
             return to the partition menu and select all required options.

          Nhng ma trng hp nay nguy him, vi ng cnh co th b hy ra tp tin PO: hay
          ghi chu  cho ngi dch thong tin cn thit.

       comment:spec, comment!:spec
          Ghi chu ung ben di ch th nay ap dng cho nhng chui c ghi ro bi spec,
          ma c xac nh ben tren. Mc nh la ghi chu c ghi vao ng trc mt trng co
          th dch c thi c in ra cung vi tt c cac chui thuc v trng o. (Ghi chu :
          dung "po-debconf" < 1.0, ghi chu c ghi ch vi chui th nht.)

            Template: arcboot-installer/prom-variables
            Type: note
            # Translators, the 4th string of this description has been dropped
            # from PO files.  It contains shell commands and should not be
            # translated.
            # "Stop for Maintenance" should be left in English
            _Description: Setting PROM variables for Arcboot
             If this is the first Linux installation on this machine, or if the
             hard drives have been repartitioned, some variables need to be set
             in the PROM before the system is able to boot normally.
             At the end of this installation stage, the system will reboot.
             After this, enter the command monitor from the "Stop for
             Maintenance" option, and enter the following commands:
                setenv OSLoader arcboot
                setenv OSLoadFilename Linux
             You will only need to do this once.  Afterwards, enter the "boot"
             command or reboot the system to proceed to the next stage of the

          Thi d ben tren co mt ghi chu ma khong dung ch th "#flag:comment",
          vao o mt "#flag:comment:*" ngm c them. Ghi chu nay xut hin vi mi
          chui, nhng li v Stop for Maintenance c in ra ch ng trc chui thich

          T khoa nay bao po2debconf nen gi li cac chui a dch, thm chi nu cha
          dch mi chui. Hay s dng cn thn: t khoa nay a c gii thiu nhm mc ich
          chinh xac.

       Du ngi dch co th thy bn dch c tren cac trang Web trng thai (xem di), va
       gi p va  bao gm trong bn ti len v sau, ngi dch (ging nh nha phat trin)
       co it thi gian rnh.  tit kim thi gian cho c hai nha phat trin va ngi
       dch, va ci tin tin trinh lien lc gia c hai, D an Debian cung cp mt cong
       c chuyen dng, podebconf-report-po. Dung cong c nay, bn co th yeu cu ngi
       dch trc cp nht bn dch (v.d. 2 tun ng trc ngay ti len), cui cung nhn
       nhiu bn dch c cp nht hn. Rt khuyen nha phat trin s dng cong c nay.


       debconf-loadtemplate khong chp nhn tp tin mu co ma anh du quc t hoa.
       Tuy nhien, no co phi chp nhn mt tp tin hoa trn, thi nu bn tng g ri thit
       lp debconf nh th

         rm /tmp/{config,templates}.dat{,-old}
         debconf-loadtemplate debian/templates
         DEBIAN_PRIORITY=low debconf -freadline debian/config configure 28.0

       bay gi bn cn phi s dng (v.d.):

         po2debconf debian/templates > debian/tmp/DEBIAN/templates
         rm /tmp/{config,templates}.dat{,-old}
         debconf-loadtemplate debian/tmp/DEBIAN/templates
         DEBIAN_PRIORITY=low debconf -freadline debian/config configure 28.0


       o "Debconf" 1.2.0 nhn ra trng theo dng Name-lang.encoding, v.d.
         "Description-de.ISO-8859-1" hay "Choices-vi.UTF-8".  Mc nh la
         po2debconf ghi cac tp tin mu theo nh dng mi o. "debconf" c s b qua
         cac trng nay, ch hin th vn bn gc (thng la ting Anh). Xem
         po2debconf(1)  bit cach thay i bng ma va nh dng kt xut.

       o Mt chui ting Anh a ra co th nhn bng mi ngon ng ch mt bn dch duy nht.
         Khong th cung cp c hai bn dch khac nhau ph thuc vao ng cnh.  gii quyt
         vn  nay, bn cn phi anh du c bit cac ln gp chui khac nhau,  to nhiu
         chui rieng. (Du nay ch hin th cho ngi dch: no b g b ra chui trc khi
         ngi dung xem.)

         Du nh vy phi c ph them vao chui cn dch: no phi bt u vi "[ " (du ngoc
         m co du cach theo sau) va kt thuc vi "]" (du ngoc ong), va co th cha
         bt c ky t nao tr du ngoc hay ky t dong mi. Chng hn, "[ bi_bo]" la du
         hp l, con "[ bi[bo]bi]" khong phi. Cac du nay b g b bng biu thc chinh
         quy nay:

           $msg =~ s/\[\s[^\[\]]*\]$//s;

       o Khong cach khong phi c x ly mt cach trung bi "po-debconf" va
         "debconf-utils"; ham th hai nh dng li cac on vn khi cp nht va trn cac
         bn dch, vi vy "debconf-utils" rt kheo, du cach khong phi c x ly la mt
         phn ca chui khi quyt nh chui nao c dch m (fuzzy: chui co bn dch cn
         chnh sa vi chui gc b thay i).

         Mt khac, "po-debconf" nh "gettext" phat hin chui dch m, va no khong x
         ly du cach nh ky t c bit. Vi vy, cac du cach tha phi b g b ra kt thuc
         dong trong mi mu ch,  tranh xut hin trong cac tp tin PO va POT.

         Vi ly do tng t, debconf-gettextize co kh nng anh du chui la << dch m
         >> do cac ky t khong cach khac nhau, thi ngi dch cn phi t chnh sa mi
         chui nh vy. Trng hp nay ch xy ra mt ln khi chuyn i mu sang nh dng
         "po-debconf", tr bn thay i khong cach mt cach ngu nhien trong tp tin
         ch, ma lam phin cac ngi dch.

       o Binh thng khong nen dch trng Default: khi mu co kiu Select hay
         Multiselect. Trong rt it trng hp (v.d. khi chn ngon ng mc nh cho ng
         dng), gia tr a a phng hoa cng co ich.

         Khong nen dch gia tr a a phng hoa: nen chn no trong nhng gia tr ting
         Anh c lit ke trong trng Choices. Phng phap tt nht  lam nh th la ghi
         chu vao tp tin mu : chu thich nay s cng c sao chep vao cac tp tin PO.

           Template: geneweb/lang
           Type: select
           __Choices: Danish (da), Dutch (nl), English (en), Esperanto (eo)
           #  You must NOT translate this string, but you can change its value.
           #  The comment between brackets is used to distinguish this msgid
           #  from the one in the Choices list; you do not have to worry about
           #  them, and have to simply choose a msgstr among the English values
           #  listed in the Choices field above, e.g. msgstr "Dutch (nl)"
           _Default: English (en)[ default language]
           _Description: Geneweb default language

         Gia tr mc nh cng xut hin trong trng Choices, va mi gia tr co bn dch
         rieng: gia tr th nht la gia tr cha c dch ma c chn trong cac gia tr
         Choices, con gia tr th hai la bn dch chun. Vi "gettext" khong th cha
         hai bn dch khac nhau cho cung mt msgid, mi msgids phi c khac bit bng
         chu thich nm trong du ngoc, nh din t trong phn con tren.

         Trc "po-debconf" 0.8.0, khong co kh nng ghi chu nh vy nen nha duy tri
         phi thay th trng _Default: bng _DefaultChoice:  phan bit trng rieng
         trong tp tin PO:

           #. DefaultChoice
           msgid ""
           "English[ default: do not translate bracketed material, put your "
           "own language here but UNTRANSLATED.  If it is not in the list, "
           "put English (without bracketed material)]"
           msgstr ""

         Chu thich chun trong tp tin mu it b li hn thi khuyn khich.


       Thng ke v bn dch "po-debconf" sn sang
       <> (hoc t may nhan bn); tt c
       c t ng cp nht khi goi mi c ti len. Ch goi co sn tp tin
       debian/po/templates.pot va debian/po/ c x ly, vi vy bn nen
       kim tra goi ma ngun cha cac tp tin nay.

       Ngi dch co th ly tp tin PO va POT t trang trng thai, nhng cng nen lien
       lc vi ngi dch trc (a ch th in t nm trong phn u ca tp tin PO) va/hay
       nhom dch trong hp th chung debian-l10n-<language> (nu
       co : mt s nhom dch dung hp th chung ben ngoai)  kim tra khong co ngi
       dch khac m nhn cung bn dch, va c cac bao cao li hin thi v goi o  kim
       tra bn dch a c  trinh cha.

       Sau khi dch tp tin thi ngi dch nen  trinh bn dch cho nha duy tri bng
       cach gi mt bao cao li co mc quan trng wishlist va th patch.


       debconf-gettextize(1), debconf-updatepo(1), dh_installdebconf(1),
       podebconf-report-po(1), po2debconf(1), debconf-devel(7).


         Martin Quinson <>
         Denis Barbier <>

                                  2012-02-02                     PO-DEBCONF(7)