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       nmblookup - TCP/IPNetBIOSNetBIOS

       nmblookup  [-M]  [-R]  [-S] [-r] [-A] [-h] [-B <broadcast address>] [-U
       <unicast address>] [-d  <debug  level>]  [-s  <smb  config  file>]  [-i
       <NetBIOS scope>][-T] [-f] {name}

       nmblookup  Samba(7)

       nmblookup NetBIOSIPIPUDP

       -M     0x1dNetBIOS  name   name   "-"  __MSBROWSE__ Please note that in
              order to use the name "-", you  need  to  make  sure  "-"  isn't
              parsed as an argument, e.g. use : nmblookup -M -- -

       -R      WINSWINSNetBIOS()rfc1001rfc1002

       -S     IPNetBIOS

       -r     UDP137UDPWindows 95UDP137(137)UNIXrootnmbd

       -A     nameIP

       -n <primary NetBIOS name>
              This  option  allows you to override the NetBIOS name that Samba
              uses for itself. This is identical to setting the  netbios  name
              parameter  in the smb.conf file. However, a command line setting
              will take precedence over settings in smb.conf.

       -i <scope>
              This specifies a  NetBIOS  scope  that  nmblookup  will  use  to
              communicate  with  when generating NetBIOS names. For details on
              the use of NetBIOS  scopes,  see  rfc1001.txt  and  rfc1002.txt.
              NetBIOS  scopes are very rarely used, only set this parameter if
              you are the system administrator in charge of  all  the  NetBIOS
              systems you communicate with.

              Set  the  SMB domain of the username. This overrides the default
              domain which is the domain defined in smb.conf.  If  the  domain
              specified is the same as the servers NetBIOS name, it causes the
              client to log on using the servers local SAM (as opposed to  the
              Domain SAM).

       -O socket options
              TCP  socket  options to set on the client socket. See the socket
              options parameter in the smb.conf manual page for  the  list  of
              valid options.


       -B <broadcast address>
              nmblookupsmb.conf (5)interfaces

       -U <unicast address>
              unicast addressWINS(-R)


       -s <configuration file>

              debuglevel 0100

              nmblookup0 -


              smb.conf (5)log level

              File  name  for log/debug files. The extension ".client" will be
              appended. The log file is never removed by the client.

       -T     ipDNSDNS

              IP address .... NetBIOS name

       -f     Show which flags apply to the name  that  has  been  looked  up.
              Possible  answers  are zero or more of: Response, Authoritative,
              Truncated, Recursion_Desired, Recursion_Available, Broadcast.

       name   NetBIOSNetBIOSIPNetBIOS'#<type>'*

       nmblookup WINS(nslookupDNS)WINS nmblookup

       nmblookup -U server -R 'name'

       nmblookup -U -R 'IRIX#1B'



       nmbd(8), samba(7), and smb.conf(5).

       sambaAndrew TridgellsambaSamba Team linux

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       Samba2.0   Gerald   Carter   Samba2.2DocBook  Alexander  Bokovoy  Samba
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