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       size -

       size   [-A|-B|--format=compatibility] [--help]
              [-d|-o|-x|--radix=number] [--target=bfdname] [-V|--version]

       GNU  size objfile ,  (object)  (archive)  (section) --  .  ,         .



       --format compatibility
                 ,     GNU  size    System  V size  ( `-A',  `--format=sysv'),
              Berkeley size ( `-B',  `--format=berkeley').    Berkeley  .

       --help  .




       --radix number
                 ,           (`-d',   `--radix  10');  (`-o',   `--radix  8');
              (`-x',  `--radix  16')    . `--radix number'   (8, 10, 16).    ;
              `-d'  `-x'     ,  `-o'     .

       --target bfdname
               bfdname objfile  .    ; size     .  objdump(1)   .


               size  .

       info `binutils' ; The GNU Binary Utilities,
        Roland H. Pesch (October 1991); ar(1), objdump(1).

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