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       wish - (windowing) shell

       wish [filename] [arg] [arg ...]

       -colormap new

       -display display

       -geometry geometry
              () Tcl  geometry

       -name name
               name (title) send

       -sync    X  -use  id  (identifier)  id   toplevel   -use  Id ( winfo id

       -visual visual
              (visual)Visual  Tk_GetVisual

       - -     argv  -name  wish

       Wish  Tcl Tk  Tcl wish"-" Tcl (home) .wishrcwish  Tcl

        wish  fileName  fileName Wish  fileName ( )  .wishrc  source()

       Wish  argc  argv ()

        send  -name fileName wish "/"

       () RESOURCE_MANAGER  .Xdefaults

       Wish  Tcl :

       argc  arg ( 0)

       argv  Tcl  - -  arg

       argv0  fileName  wish  geometry   -geometry  wish   fileName  wish   wm
       geometry ()

       tcl_interactive  wish  1( fileName ) 0



        shell  wish   /usr/local/bin UNIX  #!  30  wish


       # the next line restarts using wish \
       exec wish "$0" "$@"

       wish  (hard-wired into)  :  shell (get around) 30  wish  shell (:  wish
       ) sh  wish   exec  sh  sh exec  shell  wish  wish

          wish  "%"   tcl_prompt1    tcl_prompt2    tcl_prompt1    Tcl   tclsh
       tcl_prompt1  tcl_prompt2  tcl_prompt2


       Copyright (C) 1991-1994 The Regents of the University of California.
       Copyright (C) 1994-1996 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
       Copyright (C) 1995-1997 Roger E. Critchlow Jr.