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       ArrowButton -

       ArrowButton pathName ?option value...?

       ArrowButton  type :  button  arrow

               ArrowButton  1  ArrowButton Tcl  repeatdelay  repeatinterval  1

               ArrowButton  type  arrow  1  2

               ArrowButton  type  arrow (relief) raised  sunken

       -clean   0   2  0 If 1, the base of arrow is arranged to be odd to have
              same edges.  If 2, the base of arrow is arranged to be  odd  and
              the  orthogonal to be (base+1)/2 to have 'straight' diagonal for

               ArrowButton  Tcl  1 ArrowButton

       -dir   : topbottomleft  right

                   1      ArrowButton      Tcl       ArrowButton       command
              armcommandrepeatdelay  repeatinterval



               balloon  variable.

               helptype  variable

       -ipadx  ArrowButton (pad)

       -ipady  ArrowButton (pad)

       -state   ArrowButton : normalactive disabled ArrowButton  type  button:
              foreground background  ArrowButton ArrowButton  activeforeground
              activebackground    ArrowButton   disabledforeground  background
              ArrowButton  ArrowButton  type  arrow:  troughcolor  ArrowButton
              background      ArrowButton     ArrowButton     activebackground
              ArrowButton(stipple) ArrowButton  ArrowButton (insensitive):

       -type   ArrowButton : button arrow

       -width  ArrowButton

       pathName cget  option
               option Option

       pathName configure ?option? ?value option value ...?
               option  pathName  value  option  option ( option )- Option

       pathName invoke
                ArrowButton   state  sunken  (relief)  ArrowButton  armcommand
              ArrowButton disarmcommand  command.

               ArrowButton  space bar  invoke




 Linux  man :

                               tcllib - BWidget               ArrowButton(3tk)