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       meld - Visual diff and merge tool for the GNOME Desktop


       meld [options]
       meld [options] FILE1
       meld [options] DIR1
       meld [options] FILE1 FILE2 [FILE3]
       meld [options] DIR1 DIR2 [DIR3]


       Meld  is  a  graphical  diff viewer and merge application for the Gnome
       desktop.  It supports 2 and 3-file diffs,  recursive  directory  diffs,
       diffing  of directories under version control (Arch, Bazaar, Codeville,
       CVS, Darcs, Git, Mercurial, Monotone, RCS), as well as the  ability  to
       manually and automatically merge file differences.


       --auto-compare, -a
              Automatically compare all differing files on startup.

       --diff FILE1|DIR1 FILE2|DIR2 [FILE3|DIR3]
              Create a diff tab for the given files or directories.  Note that
              "meld --diff FILE1 FILE2" is functionally  equivalent  to  "meld
              FILE1  FILE2".   However,  the  --diff  argument  can  be  given
              multiple times for one invocation of meld which allows the  user
              to  automatically initiate multiple diffs when meld starts.  See
              examples below.

       --help, -h
              Print application help and usage.

       --LABEL=<label>, -L <label>
              Set application window title to <label>.

              Print application version and exit.


              Run meld without initiating a diff.

       meld FILE1
              Initiate a diff between FILE1 and the version-controlled copy of

       meld DIR1
              Initiate   a  recursive  diff  between  DIR1  and  the  version-
              controlled copy of DIR1.

       meld FILE1 FILE2
              Initiate a diff between FILE1 and FILE2.

       meld FILE1 FILE2 FILE3
              Initiate a 3-way diff between FILE1, FILE2, and FILE3.

       meld DIR1 DIR2
              Initiate a recursive diff between directory DIR1 and DIR2.

       meld DIR1 DIR2 DIR3
              Initiate a recursive 3-way diff between  directory  DIR1,  DIR2,
              and DIR3.

       meld --diff FILE1 FILE2 --diff FILE3 FILE4
              Initiate  a  diff  between  FILE1 and FILE2, and a separate diff
              between FILE3 and FILE4.


       If     you     find     a     bug,     please     report     it      at     or    mail    a
       description of the issue to


       See    the    AUTHORS    text    file    in    meld's    source    code

                                 26 Sept 2010                          MELD(1)