Provided by: ants_1.9.2+svn680.dfsg-4_amd64 bug


       ANTSUseLandmarkImagesToGetAffineTransform - part of ANTS registration suite


       ANTSUseLandmarkImagesToGetAffineTransform            FixedImageWithLabeledLandmarks.nii.gz
       MovingImageWithLabeledLandmarks.nii.gz [rigid | affine] OutAffine.txt


       we expect the input images to be (1) N-ary
              (2) in the same physical space as the images you want to

              register and (3 ) to  have  the  same  landmark  points  defined  within  them  ...
              landmarks will be defined from the center of mass of the labels in the input images
              .  You can use ITK-snap to generate the label images.