Provided by: cura-engine_14.01-2_amd64 bug


       CuraEngine - STL to GCODE converter


       CuraEngine [-h] [-v] [-m 3x3matrix] [-s settingkey=value] -o <output.gcode> <model.stl>


       CuraEngine  is  a  commandline  tool  for  converting  3-D models to toolpaths used by 3-D
       printers, in particular RepRap and derivatives. It is meant to be used by the cura(1) gui,
       but can be used without it.

       It does not support the use of a configuration file; all settings must be specified on the

       If not output file is specified, the standard output is used.

       All settings are integer values, except for startCode and endCode, which are strings. Note
       that  they  should usually contain newlines; make sure to use proper escaping to avoid the
       shell from parsing them.

       The units that are used are:

       ·   Lengths are in micrometers.

       ·   Speeds are in millimeters per second.

       ·   Angles are in degrees.

       ·   Times are in seconds.

       The following integer settings can be specified:

       coolHeadLift,   downSkinCount,   enableCombing,   enableOozeShield,   extruderOffset[1].X,
       extruderOffset[1].Y,    extruderOffset[2].X,   extruderOffset[2].Y,   extruderOffset[3].X,
       extruderOffset[3].Y,   extrusionWidth,   fanFullOnLayerNr,    fanSpeedMax,    fanSpeedMin,
       filamentDiameter,  filamentFlow,  fixHorrible,  gcodeFlavor,  infillOverlap,  infillSpeed,
       initialLayerSpeed,      initialLayerThickness,      initialSpeedupLayers,      insetCount,
       layerThickness,   minimalExtrusionBeforeRetraction,   minimalFeedrate,   minimalLayerTime,
       moveSpeed, multiVolumeOverlap, objectPosition.X, posx, objectPosition.Y, posy, objectSink,
       printSpeed,       raftBaseLinewidth,       raftBaseThickness,      raftInterfaceLinewidth,
       raftInterfaceThickness,       raftLineSpacing,        raftMargin,        retractionAmount,
       retractionAmountExtruderSwitch, retractionMinimalDistance, retractionSpeed, skirtDistance,
       skirtLineCount,  skirtMinLength,  sparseInfillLineDistance,  spiralizeMode,  supportAngle,
       supportEverywhere,      supportExtruder,      supportLineDistance,      supportXYDistance,
       supportZDistance, upSkinCount, wipeTowerSize.


       CuraEngine  was  written  by  Daid.  This  manual  page  was   written   by   Bas   Wijnen
       <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                          February 2014                             CURAENGINE(1)