Provided by: fvwm_2.6.5.ds-3_amd64 bug


       FvwmDragWell - A XDND drag well



       FvwmDragWell is a Xdnd drag well.  The user sends the data and type to the drag well via a
       fvwm SendToModule command.  The drag well indicates that it received the information via a
       crude  animation.   The  user  may  then  drag  the  information  from  the  well to other
       applications that support the Xdnd standard.  The fvwm module FvwmWharf accepts  drops  of
       type "text/uri-list".


       During  initialization,  FvwmDragWell  gets  config  info from fvwm's module configuration
       database (see fvwm(1), section MODULE COMMANDS).  If the FvwmDragWell executable is linked
       to  another  name,  i.e.  ln  -s  FvwmDragWell  OtherDragWell,  then another module called
       OtherDragWell can be started, with a completely different configuration than FvwmDragWell,
       simply   by  changing  the  keyword  FvwmDragWell  to  OtherDragWell.  This  way  multiple
       FvwmDragWell programs may be used.


       Data is sent to the module from fvwm using the SendToModule Command.  The form of the send
       to module command is:

       SendToModule modulename dragtype type-string, dragdata data

       type-string  is  a quoted string that declares the type of "data" and how the data will be
       exported.  The "typestring" string is converted to an XAtom.  The user should use standard
       Mime type strings, all in lower case.  Note that the module does no data conversion.

       There is one exception to the above format.  If the datatype string is omitted, the module
       assumes that the user is passing a file or directory  path.   In  this  case,  the  string
       "file://$hostname/"  is prepended to the data, and the data is exported as type "text/uri-


       SendToModule FvwmDragWell dragdata /usr/local/libexec/fvwm/2.4.0

       On    hostname    saturn,    the    drag    well    will    convert    the     data     to
       "file://saturn/usr/local/libexec/fvwm/2.4.0"  and  will export the data as type "text/uri-
       list".  The long form of this command would be

       SendToModule FvwmDragWell dragtype text/uri-list, \
            dragdata file://saturn/usr/local/libexec/fvwm/2.3.8


       FvwmDragWell must be invoked from fvwm, so no command line invocation will work.


       FvwmDragWell reads the same .fvwm2rc file as fvwm reads when it starts up, and  looks  for
       certain configuration options:

       *FvwmDragWell: Geometry geometry
              Completely  or  partially  specifies  the  Fvwm  window  location  and geometry, in
              standard X11 notation. The default size is 48x48.

       *FvwmDragWell: DragWellGeometry geometry
              Specifies the geometry of the drag box in the FvwmDragWell window, in the  standard
              X11 notation.  Default is 30x30+9+9

       *FvwmDragWell: Colorset  colorset
              The  colorset is used for the background and shading of the drag well.  See the man
              page of FvwmTheme for a description of colorsets.

       *FvwmDragWell: Fore Color
              The foreground color.  The default foreground color is grey60.

       *FvwmDragWell: Back Color
              The background color.  The default background color is black.

       *FvwmDragWell: Shadow Color
              The shadow color of the button relief.  The  default  foreground  relief  color  is

       *FvwmDragWell: Hilite Color
              The  hilight  color  of  the  button relief. The default background relief color is



       The concept for interfacing this module to  the  Window  Manager  by  Robert  Nation.   No
       guarantees  or  warranties or anything are provided or implied in any way whatsoever.  Use
       this program at your own risk.  Permission to use this program for any purpose  is  given,
       as long as the copyright is kept intact.