Provided by: assword_0.7-1_all bug


       assword - Simple and secure password database and retrieval system


       assword <command> [<args>...]



       add [<context>]
              Add  a  new entry.  If context is '-' read from stdin.  If not specified, user will
              be prompted for context.  See ASSWORD_PASSWORD for information on passwords.

       dump [<string>]
              Dump search results as json.  If string not specified  all  entries  are  returned.
              Passwords will not be displayed unless ASSWORD_DUMP_PASSWORDS is set.

       gui [<string>]
              GUI  interface,  good for X11 window manager integration.  Upon invocation the user
              will be prompted to decrypt the database, after which  a  graphical  search  prompt
              will  be  presented.   If an additional string is provided, it will be added as the
              initial search string.  All matching results for the query will be presented to the
              user.   When  a result is selected, the password will be retrieved according to the
              method specified by ASSWORD_XPASTE.  If  no  match  is  found,  the  user  has  the
              opportunity  to  generate  and  store  a  new password, which is then delivered via

       remove <context>
              Delete an entry from the database.

              Report the version of this program.

       help   This help.


              Path to assword database file.  Default: ~/.assword/db

              File  containing  OpenPGP  key  ID  of  database  encryption  recipient.   Default:

              OpenPGP key ID of database encryption recipient.  This overrides ASSWORD_KEYFILE if

              For new entries, entropy of auto-generated  password  in  bytes  (actual  generated
              password  will  be  longer due to base64 encoding). If set to 'prompt' user will be
              prompted for for password.  Default: 18

              ASSWORD_DUMP_PASSWORDS Include passwords in dump when set.

              Method for password retrieval.  Options are: 'xdo',  which  attempts  to  type  the
              password  into  the  window  that had focus on launch, or 'xclip' which inserts the
              password in the X clipboard.  Default: xdo