Provided by: axiom-test_20120501-8_all bug


       axiom-test - run the Axiom regression testsuite


       axiom-test [ suitenames ... ]


       axiom-test  is  a  simple script provided by the Debian Axiom package to allow the user to
       run the regression test suite or portions thereof on their system after installation.  The
       full  test  results  performed  at  build  time  can  be  found  in  /usr/share/doc/axiom-
       test/test_results.gz.  There is currently no facility for trapping unexpected errors.

       The optional arguments refer to the  .input  filename  stems  found  in  /usr/share/<axiom
       version>/input.  Supplying no arguments will run the entire suite.


       This  manual  page was written by Camm Maguire <>, for the Debian project
       (but may be used by others).

                                        September  3, 2003                               AXIOM(1)