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       barman - Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL


       barman [OPTIONS] {COMMAND}


       barman(1) is an administration tool for disaster recovery of PostgreSQL servers written in
       Python. barman can perform remote backups of multiple servers in business critical
       environments and helps DBAs during the recovery phase.


       -v, --version
           Show program version number and exit.

       -q, --quiet
           Do not output anything. Useful for cron scripts.

       -h, --help
           Show a help message and exit.

       -c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
           Use the specified configuration file.


       Important: every command has an help option

           Perform maintenance tasks, such as moving incoming WAL files to the appropriate

           Show all the configured servers, and their descriptions.

       show-server SERVERNAME
           Show information about SERVERNAME, including: conninfo, backup_directory,
           wals_directory and many more. Specify all as SERVERNAME to show information about all
           the configured servers.

       status SERVERNAME
           Show information about the status of a server, including: number of available backups,
           archive_command, archive_status and many more.

               Server main:
                 description: PostgreSQL Example Database
                 PostgreSQL version: 9.1.1
                 PostgreSQL Data directory: /var/lib/pgsql/9.1/data
                 archive_command: rsync -a %p barman@test-backup-server:/srv/barman/main/incoming/%f
                 archive_status: last shipped WAL segment 0000000100000009000000ED
                 current_xlog: 0000000100000009000000EF
                 No. of available backups: 1
                 first/last available backup: 20120528T113358

       check SERVERNAME
           Show diagnostic information about SERVERNAME, including: ssh connection check,
           PostgreSQL version, configuration and backup directories. Specify all as SERVERNAME to
           show diagnostic information about all the configured servers.

               Nagios plugin compatible output

       backup SERVERNAME
           Perform a backup of SERVERNAME using parameters specified in the configuration file.
           Specify all as SERVERNAME to perform a backup of all the configured servers.

               forces the initial checkpoint to be done as quickly as possible. Overrides value
               of the parameter immediate_checkpoint, if present in the configuration file.

               forces to wait for the checkpoint. Overrides value of the parameter
               immediate_checkpoint, if present in the configuration file.

       list-backup SERVERNAME
           Show available backups for SERVERNAME. This command is useful to retrieve a backup ID.

       Example: servername 20111104T102647 - Fri Nov 4 10:26:48 2011 - Size: 17.0 MiB - WAL Size:
       100 B

           Here 20111104T102647 is the backup ID.

       show-backup SERVERNAME BACKUPID
           Show detailed information about a particular backup, identified by the server name and
           the backup ID. See the "Backup ID shortcuts" section below for available shortcuts.

               Backup 20111104T102647:
                 Server Name       : main
                 PostgreSQL Version: 90101
                 PGDATA directory  : /var/lib/pgsql/9.1/data

               Base backup information:
                 Disk usage      : 17.0 MiB
                 Timeline        : 1
                 Begin WAL       : 000000010000000000000002
                 End WAL         : 000000010000000000000002
                 WAL number      : 0
                 Begin time      : 2011-11-04 10:26:47.357260
                 End time        : 2011-11-04 10:26:48.888903
                 Begin Offset    : 32
                 End Offset      : 160
                 Begin XLOG      : 0/2000020
                 End XLOG        : 0/20000A0

               WAL information:
                 No of files     : 0
                 Disk usage      : 0 B
                 Last available  : None

               Catalog information:
                 Previous Backup : - (this is the oldest base backup)
                 Next Backup     : - (this is the latest base backup)

           List all the files in a particular backup, identified by the server name and the
           backup ID. See the "Backup ID shortcuts" section below for available shortcuts.

           --target TARGET_TYPE
               Possible values for TARGET_TYPE are:

               ·    data - lists just the data files;

               ·    standalone - lists the base backup files, including required WAL files;

               ·    wal - lists all the WAL files between the start of the base backup and the
                   end of the log / the start of the following base backup (depending on whether
                   the specified base backup is the most recent one available);

               ·    full - same as data + wal. Defaults to standalone

       rebuild-xlogdb SERVERNAME
           Perform a rebuild of the WAL file metadata for SERVERNAME (or every server, using the
           all shortcut) guessing it from the disk content. The metadata of the WAL archive is
           contained in the xlog.db file, and every Barman server has its own copy.

           Recover a backup in a given directory (local or remote, depending on the
           --remote-ssh-command option settings). See the "Backup ID shortcuts" section below for
           available shortcuts.

           --target-tli TARGET_TLI
               Recover the specified timeline.

           --target-time TARGET_TIME
               Recover to the specified time. You can use any valid unambiguous representation.
               e.g: "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.mmm".

           --target-xid TARGET_XID
               Recover to the specified transaction ID.

           --target-name TARGET_NAME
               Recover to the named restore point previously created with the
               pg_create_restore_point(name) (for PostgreSQL 9.1 and above users).

               Set target xid to be non inclusive.

           --tablespace NAME:LOCATION
               Specify tablespace relocation rule (currently not available with remote recovery).

           --remote-ssh-command SSH_COMMAND
               This options activates remote recovery, by specifying the secure shell command to
               be launched on a remote host. This is the equivalent of the "ssh_command" server
               option in the configuration file for remote recovery. Example: ssh postgres@db2.

           Delete the specified backup. See the "Backup ID shortcuts" section below for available


       Rather than using the timestamp backup ID, you can use any of the following
       shortcuts/aliases to identity a backup for a given server:

           Oldest available backup for that server, in chronological order.

           Latest available backup for that server, in chronological order.

           same ast last.

           same ast first.



       Not zero


       Barman has been extensively tested, and is currently being used in several live
       installation. All the reported bugs were fixed prior to the open source release, due to
       the particular nature of backup operations where data security is paramount. In
       particular, there are no known bugs at present. Any bug can be reported via the
       Sourceforge bug tracker.


       In alphabetical order:

       ·   Gabriele Bartolini <>

       ·   Giuseppe Broccolo <> (core team, QA)

       ·   Giulio Calacoci <> (core team, developer)

       ·   Marco Nenciarini <>

       Past contributors:

       ·   Carlo Ascani


       ·   Homepage:

       ·   Documentation:


       Barman is the exclusive property of 2ndQuadrant Italia and its code is distributed under
       GNU General Public License v3.

       Copyright © 2011-2014 2ndQuadrant Italia (Devise.IT S.r.l.) -

                                            01/24/2014                                  BARMAN(1)