Provided by: binwalk_1.0-1_amd64 bug


       binwalk - binary image search tool


       binwalk [OPTIONS] [FILE1] [FILE2] [FILE3] ...


       Binwalk  is  a  tool  for searching a given binary image for embedded files and executable
       code. Specifically, it is designed for identifying  files  and  code  embedded  inside  of
       firmware  images.  Binwalk  uses  the  libmagic  library,  so  it is compatible with magic
       signatures created for the Unix file utility.


       -o, --offset=<int>
              File offset to start searching at

       -l, --length=<int>
              Number of bytes to search

       -b, --align=<int>
              Set byte alignment

       -f, --file=<file>
              Log results to file

       -m, --magic=<file>
              Magic file to use [/etc/binwalk/magic.binwalk]

       -g, --grep=<string>
              Only display results that contain the text <string>

       -r, --raw-bytes=<string>
              Search for a sequence of raw bytes inside the target file (implies -a, -d, -I)

       -y, --search=<filter>
              Only search for matches that have <filter> in their description  (implies  -t,  -d,

       -x, --exclude=<filter>
              Exclude matches that have <filter> in their description

       -i, --include=<filter>
              Include  matches  that  are  normally  excluded  and  that  have  <filter> in their
              description *

       -a, --all
              Search for all matches, including those that are normally excluded *

       -d, --defaults
              Speed up scan by disabling default filters **

       -I, --show-invalid
              Show results marked as invalid ***

       -t, --fast
              Speed up scan by only loading signatures specified by -i or -y

       -u, --update
              Update magic signature files

       -v, --verbose
              Enable verbose mode

       -s, --smart
              Disable smart matching (implies -a)

       -k, --keep-going
              Don't stop at the first match (implies -I)

       -c, --validate
              Validate magic file

       -q, --quiet
              Supress output to stdout

       -A, --opcodes
              Scan for executable code (implies -a)

       -C, --cast
              Cast file contents as various data types (implies -k)

       *   Signatures of two bytes or less are excluded by default. Use -i or -a to include  them
       in the search.

       **  Default filters include 'gzip', 'lzma' and 'jffs2' results.

              Disabling the default filters (-d) will speed up scan time, but may miss these file

       *** By default, all results that contain the text 'invalid' will not be shown. Use  -I  to
       display them.