Provided by: barry-util_0.18.5-1_amd64 bug


       brawchannel - Barry Project's program to create a channel to a BlackBerry application


       brawchannel [-h][-p pin][-P pass][-v] <channel name>


       brawchannel  is a tool for connecting to an application channel on a BlackBerry device, as
       provided to on device programs by the net.rim.device.api.system.USBPort API. Data received
       on  the  channel  will  be output to STDOUT and any data received on STDIN in will be sent
       over the channel. Any errors or verbose output will be written to STDERR.     The  channel
       name provided to this program should be the same as the channel name passed to the call to


       -h     Display a command help summary.

       -p pin Specifies the PIN number of the device with which you  wish  to  communicate,  when
              multiple devices are connected.

       -P password
              A simplistic method to specify the device password.

       -v     Verbose  debug  output.   This  enables dumping of USB bus scanning, as well as the
              protocol packets used during communication.   This  will  cause  libusb  to  output
              information  on  STDOUT, which will usually be undesirable. Setting the environment
              variable USB_DEBUG to 0, 1 or 2 should prevent any addition output on STDOUT.


       brawchannel was initially written  for  the  Barry  project  by  RealVNC  Ltd.,  based  on
       bjavaloader by Nicolas Vivien.


                                         August 17, 2010                           BRAWCHANNEL(1)