Provided by: barry-util_0.18.5-1_amd64 bug


       btarcmp - a diff for Barry tar backup files


       btarcmp [-b][-d db][-D db][-h][-I charset][-P][-S][-v] tar0 tar1


       btarcmp takes two Barry backup tar files on the command line, and displays the differences
       it finds between them.  If records can be parsed, individual field  differences  are  also
       displayed.  Added and removed records are noted.  Differences in database availability are
       noted as well.  If unable to parse the records, hex dumps are used.


       -b     Use brief filename markers.  Useful when tar filenames are extremely long.

       -d db  Name of database to compare.  Can  be  used  multiple  times  to  compare  multiple
              databases.  If not specified, all databases are compared.

       -D db  Name  of  database  to  skip.   Can  be  used  multiple times.  Overrides all other
              database selection options.

       -h     Show summary of options.

       -I charset
              Specifies the iconv charset to  use  for  converting  international  strings.   The
              Blackberry  uses  the  WINDOWS-1252  charset,  which  is incompatible with the more
              common code pages used in Linux.  The most useful charset to use with  this  option
              is  UTF-8,  and  is  highly  recommended.   Any  other charset available via 'iconv
              --list' can be used here  too,  but  may  not  be  successful  for  some  character

       -S     Displays list of known database records, which can be parsed.

       -v     Verbose  output,  which  includes  record  data of added and deleted records in the
              output.  If used twice, hex data is printed as well.


       btarcmp is part of the Barry project.


                                         January 20, 2010                              BTARCMP(1)